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How are Tourette Syndrome and Genius Similar- what are your thoughts?

Asked by BookReader (417points) May 16th, 2009

Some time back, I watched a tv report on children living with tourette, and it touched me to the point of deep contemplation- I’m highly intuitive. Recently the report was revisited, as were my intense feelings. Except this time, I made connections with high grade levels of pain/stress, such when childbirth occurs, and with low grade pain/stress, such as when Genius is triggered. I wonder if reformatting our minds to accept that the solution is not as mysterious as we have previously accepted and currently accept precludes an answer.

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I’ve never seen anything linking genius to Tourette’s. Some claim that W. A. Mozart had Tourette’s but that’s conjecture since there’s no way to be sure scientifically. I’m sure there are geniuses out there with Tourette’s just like there’s geniuses with diabetes.

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When I was diagnosed with Tourette’s (and ADD and OCD), my doctor told me that those three disorders tend to run together as the Unholy Triad. He also said they usually occur with higher intelligence as well. I don’t know if one causes the other, or if it is just coincidence.

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I know when I get stressed, it sounds like I have Tourette’s.

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It’s funny, but I had never heard of the cussing version of Tourette’s until a few years ago. I always thought it was just the irresistable voluntary ticks like I have. I guess I’m lucky; I can usually hide mine.

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@ru2bz46 – that’s interesting…are they linked or is it just coincidence? That is my question ru2bz46…

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@filmfann- that’s the connection- most people do…

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@BookReader There is a very strong correlation between them. I do not know the causation.

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@ru2bz46- this correlation may be a new direction for researchers now that technology affords the opportunity to explore further… finding causation requires an open mind… thanks ru2bz46!

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They aren’t any more the size of their shoes or colour of their eyes. I can’t see why anyone would assume that there was a link. All statistics and research into Tourette’s indicate an absolutely normal intelligence spread. It is a disorder with no relationship to underlying intelligence or social attitudes etc. Some sufferers are borderline IQ, some high, most average. No confirmed known Tourette’s sufferers are in the genious IQ range. I have never seen or heard of any at various Mensa meetings (Back when I was still inclined to attend.)

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I’m fascinated by how some people (Darkscribe..if that is indeed your name) seem to know so much about a disorder that is virtually unknown to those of us chraged with it’s existence. If you don’t know of any connections between two entities (TS and IQ), do you think that means there aren’t any? That’s some interesting omnipotence you are weilding there friend. Luckily, many people in research (self included) understand that a lack of evidence is just that..a lack of evidence at that moment in time as opposed to a lack of existence. There is indeed the issue of limited studies within TS. I have TS, as does my oldest child. We both have genius IQ. That being said, you won’t find either of us at a MENSA meeting. You WILL find people who are convinced of their own brilliance but lack any social skills or emotional intelligence. Nature is somewhat predictable. When you have a weakness or decifit in one area, you often have great gifts in other areas. It is logical to look closely at all possible correlations between TS, and other brain functions…cognitive or otherwise. More fascinating than the presumptions being made based on less than nothing, is the lack of linear thinking and logic…..Yeah MENSA!!!!

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