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If you were granted three wishes and you had to use one on yourself, one for another person and one for the world, what would your wishes be?

Asked by lillycoyote (24845points) May 16th, 2009

Those are the rules. You can’t use them all on yourself, or all for others. They have to be used exactly as stated or they won’t be granted.

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For my self: I want to spend my entire life sailing all around the world.
For another person (my parents): I wish they can live forever, and never die.
For the world: no more wars, ever.

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Better health for myself, sanity & a more peaceful life for my Bi-Polar daughter, & for the world a higher level of tolerance for each other & that women would gain equal standing.

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Peace for the Earth-
Peace for my wife-
And a little piece for me.

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Myself: To always have a struggle to overcome, so that I may continue to grow.

My wife: To find the inner peace she so desperately needs.

World: To never lack justice for its inevitable conflicts.

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For myself healthy longevity
For a particular friend cure for diabetes
For the world focus on interconnectivity/brotherhood without need for religion

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For myself: the courage to trust more
For someone else: the strength to pursue happiness
For the world: a want to understand before being understood

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I would like to have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. (Not too much money, but not too little)

I would like for my girl to be happy no matter what’s bothering her.

I would like for the world to be peaceful and happy till it’s end.

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For myself: To be free of physical pain
For another: To be free of mental pain
For the world: Peace, of course. :)

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for me: .............
for another: happiness
for the world: tolerance

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For me… to never have any financial troubles (like boots) but also so I can help others too

For another…to find that special someone

For the world… Enough hope to ensure people live for one another and not themselves

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For me: Enough money so that I could only work if I wanted to
For another: I’d wish my dad’s bad back away so he could do whatever he wanted to again
For the world: Peace!

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For me – I wish I could make my diabetes disappear forever

For another – I wish I could bring my father back (he died from cancer) so that he could be with my mother again

For the world – peace and prosperity for everyone

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