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What amazing acts of honesty have you witnessed?

Asked by Judi (39892points) May 16th, 2009

I had lost a very expensive tennis bracelet in Disneyland yesterday and someone turned it in. What amazing acts of honesty have you experienced?

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My mother constantly loses things of value (jewelry, credit cards, etc.) and she always get them back without repercussion
nothing extremely honest has actually happened to me, so there ya go

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my boyfriend admitting that he slept with one of his female friends that I had accused him of sleeping with.

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For some reason, I am always the person to stumble upon others belongings. I’ve found wallets, and lots of cell phones. I always return them, and do whatever I can to get them back. This happened to me twice at the Philadelphia Zoo with regards to cell phones. I call the most frequently called number and usually get ahold of the spouse instantly. They always appreciate it.

I’ve also experienced the opposite. I don’t think I’ve ever had any of my belongings returned. I left my necklace in a hotel room and the cleaning ladies took it before I could get it back. The hotel did nothing to help me :(

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One of the cast at Disneyland was able to retrieve my sunglasses from the Astro Blaster ride. Disneyland is awesome.

My wife dropped her iPhone in a parking lot once, and a woman called my cell because I was the only person in her favorites. She then drove 20 minutes to meet me at a Starbucks to return it. My wife told me to offer her $60.00, but the woman refused to take it. She said that’s just what we’re supposed to do.

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When confronted with an indiscretion on his part, my partner revealed a dark point in his past that explained the indiscretion (though I was still hurt) and made me want to help him and it was very difficult for him to even say out loud…it was the hardest thing I had to deal with in terms of relationships but I love him and I think that now there’s nothing we can not say to each other and I understand why it was an insurmountable secret for him

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I traveled to Connecticut for this past Christmas and left my wallet on the train on the way. I didn’t even realize it was missing until I got a call on my cell about an hour after I got there from an Amtrak employee saying they had my wallet. Luckily I had arranged for my tickets online and left my cell number as a contact. Apparently another passenger turned in and the Amtrak people checked to see if I had made my reservations online, found me and called. One of the employees dropped the wallet off to me the next morning on her return trip. Everything was there including over 300$ in cash that I had brought for the trip. I was very lucky and very grateful.

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In liberty mutual commercials=)

Other than that, there was this one time I had lost my purse. In that purse were my car/house keys, my cell phone, my debit card, my iPod, my nintendo ds, $50 cash, and this information sheet I hadn’t given to my school yet (it had my social security number on it). I thought I was screwed, until I got a call to my home phone from this guy who said he found my bag in the einsteins I had been in that morning. I met him the next day at that same bagel place, and he gave it back to me, everything in it. Teaches me to be more responsible with my belongings and less idiotic. Anyway, that guy was amazing.

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This one time my buddy said “Yes, those pants do make you look fat”

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I lost my cell phone at the mall like a month ago and someone turned it in…
Someone lost her iPhone at the mall’s bathrooms, so i called everyone there until someone told me that the owner was wuth him the i met her at the restroom and gave it back to her, she didnt even said thank you, but my concience was clean.

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My youngest son and I went grocery shopping and when we got home and started to put the groceries away we realized that we accidentally got a bag full of someone else’s groceries. That five year-old insisted that I take those groceries back and return them to their rightful owner. By the time we made it back, of course the owner was long gone, so he walked them up to customer service and explained what happened. I was incredibly proud of my boy that day.

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Once I dropped a $20 bill and someone walking behind me got my attention and gave my $20 back to me. He could have just as easily taken it for himself and I would’ve likely never know any different.

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Not recently, but I was on vacation in Southern California and walked off without my wallet at an ocean look-out. Two things went well, the finder mailed it home, intact, and the car rental place agreed to let me pay for the car at their office back home, rather the local office.

Luckily I had half of my travel money and my return air ticket in my suitcase at the motel.

My parents were a little worried when my wallet returned before I did.

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I left my purse in a Taco Bell right outside of Ft. Bragg. A lot of the guys there are broke and my then husband was pissed because we were pretty strapped for cash ourselves. He said he knew those guys because he was one of them and that they wouldn’t think twice about taking it. Well, my purse was there, everything in tact, turned in buy a soldier.

Yes, one of the reasons we divorced is that I realized he would have been on of the guys who would have taken it.

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I don’t consider acts of honesty amazing. It bothers me to see them treated as something extraordinary. They should be normal and expected. We should teach our kids to be honest as a matter of course and not expect to be treated like heroes just for doing what’s right.

I have seen some amazing acts of dishonesty, though.

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…i found a purse filled with cash, a compact, ID, and baby powder…the baby powder covered everything in the purse…the purse belonged to a senior citizen, who lived in a modest retirement home…she was elated with the return of her life savings and insisted on rewarding me…she gave me something i had overlooked- a stick of gum…she insisted i unwrap it so she could see me enjoy it… YUCK!!! it was covered in powder!!! i did so with a smile on my face- i am so dumb…

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@Jeruba sadly, I think should is the most important word in your post. In a perfect world acts of honesty would not be considered extraordinary, but in a world populated with mere mortals, that is just not always the case. Call me cynical, but I do consider acts such as many of the ones described above as amazing.

I would like to point out for the record that my son noticed the bag of stuff that wasn’t ours and notified me that we would need to return it. I like to think that idea came to him because of his father and I consistently teaching him to be honest. I didn’t treat him as a hero for doing the right thing, but I certainly encouraged it and congratulated him on his desire to do what was right.

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I found a wallet stuffed full of cash lying on the road next to a truck was parked on a residential street. All the homes were of very well-to-do folks. I was unemployed at the time, and could have used that money to pay bills, etc. Instead, I picked it up and tossed it through the open window of the truck it had apparently fallen out of. There was no one around to see me and I could have easily gotten that money for nothing.

As an honest person, I find that even the smallest act of dishonesty on my part gnaws at my conscience like a beaver at a sapling.

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My wife left her Laptop in a ladies room a Brisbane Airport a few months ago, just after Christmas. We assumed that it was gone for good, but made the phone call. It was there, at the security desk, waiting to be claimed. She had credit cards and cash in the bag with it and it was all there. The finder did not leave a name.

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Along the lines of yours. I lost a wallet with hundreds of dollars in it (had just came from the bank) at walmart of all places. Someone returned it with every dollar in-tact.

Of course hubby did the same thing about a month later and someone stole all our money.

(we’d be going through a difficult time emotionally and so were a bit absent-minded at the time)

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I found 100 dollars stuck in the snow/ice once on my way back from class. It was in front of an apartment complex, so I called the apartment complex owner and mentioned that I had found the money. They called back stunned, and they had a report from one of their tenants who had been robbed of a lot of stuff (and that money).

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I knew my wife had slept with a certain guy when she was out of town, so I asked her if she had anything to confess to me. She admitted sleeping with a different guy! When I told her what I expected her to admit, she said, “Oh, yeah, him too”.

@evelyns_pet_zebra Are you talking smack about me?

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Some years back a friend went through a horribly angry and contentious divorce. He treated the first wife very poorly and was to blame for the demise of their marriage. He remarried and went on to have 3 children with the new wife.

Recently, he died in an accident. His wife and three children have been struggling financially as he was a notoriously bad handler of money. In the mail recently his wife received a check for well over $400,000. It seems he had a life insurance policy on which the beneficiary was never changed. His ex-wife had heard of his new wifes struggle and thought it best to send her the money. Perhaps not an act of honesty per se; but certainly amazing.

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I was walking through the local mall once when it was quite busy and saw a fifty dollar note fall to the ground. I assumed it came from the man walking in front of me, so I picked it up and asked him. He could easily have said yes thankyou that’s mine, but he was honest and said no it wasn’t his, try the lady in front. So I caught up to her and asked and she said yes it was thankyou very much. She might have been lying, but at least the man was honest.

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My husband also lost a wallet with about a thousand dollars cash in it in a Home Depot parking lot. For about a month we considered it lost, until we received a phone call. We went to retrieve it and it was in a very low income part of town. All the money was there. We gave her a couple hundred dollars as a reward. We often wondered if the people had fallen on hard times and borrowed the money then called us when the had time to replace it. I was so impressed because that money could have been life changing for that family.

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@ru2bz46 oh no, it is pure coincidence that your avatar ended up in my euphemism. I’ve never been stalked by a beaver before, good thing I don’t have a wooden leg.

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My penis is tiny.

now you all have to change your answers

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I suppose I’d want to perform an evaluation using pictorial evidence or just ask your wife, lol

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I used to be a member of the Honor Council, and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen so many students turn themselves in for cheating on papers, quizzes, exams, you name it, when no one knew, and in many cases, no one could have even could have possibly found out if they hadn’t come forward.

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the other day when i was at the store, the cashier gave the guy in front of me one penny more than he was actually supposed to so the guy told the cashier what he did and he thanked him for it. pretty stupid if you ask me though, i mean who cares about a stupid penny?

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