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How do you decide if something is noteworthy or not?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) May 17th, 2009

What makes things important to you? Does it have to do with what other people think? Or are you able to decide purely base on your own ideas? Has there been something noteworthy in you life recently? Could you use it as an example, and explain why it is more noteworthy than anything else that happened around that time?

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I generally think that I’m able to figure people out, that I can predict actions of others, that I can predict how relationships turn out, etc. What would be noteworthy is if someone didn’t say what I expected them to say or didn’t do what I thought they would do…I VERY rarely have those moments…other noteworthy moments are moments that everyone should cherish, in love, and as a parent

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If it makes me think more than a few seconds, then I would call it noteworthy.

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I don’t think it’s a matter of decide exactly, but if it remains in our thoughts and memories, it has become noteworthy automatically.

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When i just cant get something out of my head

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i don’t decide. if it’s noteworthy, no decisions need to be made.

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It’s pretty much just what I naturally remember later.

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i think there are different kinds of noteworthy. one, if something strikes you as unusual, amazing, terrible, or significant then to you—and often likely to others—it’s noteworthy. also, if a development occurs in something that affects many people, this is probably noteworthy (eg, earthquake, iphone, revolution, cure for cancer). also, milestones (birth of a child, graduation, etc) and longshots (you won a bmw, you’re now the opposite sex, a tree branch hit you and suddenly you speak french). of course, something can be singular and amazing and inexplicably, no one cares but you. so it’s still noteworthy, but locally. extremely locally.

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i’d also say anything that affects someone directly, probably the affected one (or ones) are going to feel it’s noteworthy.

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If it impacts YOUR life!

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