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If i want to apply for a job, should i state that it's seasonal?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) May 17th, 2009

I’m wanting to apply at the hospital to be a kitchen helper. I’m only wanting to work it for the summer though. Although i’m not too sure if i want to state that i want it to be seasonal, since if i like it, i may want to continue working there.

On my cover letter i started off with “I am interested in a summer position at….” what would i need to put if i’m not sure of it being seasonal or not?

Also, in August i have many plans and may not be able to work as much. 2 weeks off in toronto with my family, and a day off to go to my aunt’s wedding ceremony. If i get contacted, will i need to tell them my plans at my interview or will they not hire me if i told them that?

Please comment. :P

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I wouldn’t, It may limit your chances of getting the job, Just say you may want to cut back hours after summers over, be creative, times are hard.

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o, ok, that sounds good, thank you!

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I don’t know which country are you from but there are temp-to-perm jobs which you start on a temporary basis and then if both parties are happy, you can turn your contract into permanent. Just be careful when you sign any contract because sometimes the probation period may last 6 months.

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No, you are not a fortune teller. Who knows what your situation will be in a few months. Maybe you want a temporary job, and maybe you don’t.

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@YARNLADY is right. Employees come and go all the time. No one knows how long they will stay. Circumstances change. The only thing is, that if they offer you the job, and you think you may want to go away for a few weeks and then come back to the job, you should negotiate that at the time of the offer. If you are going away on vacation, and not returning, it is polite to give two weeks notice. You need not tell them why.

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you should get a job in the fall

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