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What kind of controversial music do you enjoy listening to?

Asked by princessdee18 (1points) May 17th, 2009

What draws you to the music (Heavy Metal, Punk, Rap, etc.)?

Do you feel any different after listen to this type of music, i.e. do you feel you are more aggressive or violent, do you curse more, get into more fights?

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These days I like listening to 60’s & 70’s rock which many people think is insufferable.
However, I challenge anyone to listen to “Exile on Main St.” by the Rolling Stones and say it isn’t awesome.

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I’ll listen to gangsta rap now and then but it has no control over my actions. It’s just music.

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Gregoriam chant. It drove the older monks crazy back in the day.

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I didn’t realize there was still music that was considered “controversial”. I thought all that lark had passed.

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Music does not inhibit certain behaviours unless you let it. People who act out of their music have way deeper issues behind them. Music does not make a difference.

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Controversial to who? My grandmother thought that Frank Sinatra was controversial. My mother thinks that Punk is controversial. I think that Hip Hop is controversial.

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The only bands I’ve found to be truly controversial are those driven by hate… Prussian Blue for example, is vile and bigoted. Whereas modern day Rap and Hip-Hop have become no more than a joke… I’m sorry, what’s that Souldja boy? You want me to “supaman dat ho?” ooh, edgy.

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The “God and Country” openly patriotic brand of country music (Toby Keith, John Rich, etc)

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what isn’t controversial? not trying to be a smartass wellllll not realllllly but miley cyrus seems to be one of the most controversial little ‘artists’ we’ve seen in awhile. (;

anyhow. i guess i listen to a lot of music that is typically thought of as ‘controversial’. in fact, i quite like marilyn manson.

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is controversial…but I LOVE listening to his music because he only raps about what’s real, what we see in America.
What’s real controversial about him is his latest album, “Untitled” which was going to be called the “Nigger” album, but was changed to Untitled because many had a problem with the original name.
If you listen to “The Slave & The Master” or “Be a Nigger too”, you’ll get the main point of his album, a point that many black leaders and others didn’t understand.

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I am really getting into Black Metal at the moment.

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