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Why is the line that defines "controversial music" constantly being pushed farther and farther?

Asked by princessdee18 (1points) May 17th, 2009

There was a time when Jazz and Rock and Roll were considered offensive.
Times have changed, and what was considered transgressive or controversial music years ago is now completely mild compared to the kind of music people listen to these days.
Why do you think that’s so.

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I think we’ve reached our limit on controversial music questions.

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Don’t tell me let me guess, you are writing some kind of paper about controversial music.

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Because once we get used to something, it’s no longer “offensive”. People are always trying to find a new way to stand out and “go against the establishment”. That’s just human nature for some to want to be different and shocking.

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Because the line that defines “controversial” is constantly being pushed.

When the slaves were freed, the term “niggers” and other blatant racism were not uncommon among the biggest abolitionists.

The thought of women voting was completely outlandish prior too, and was as controversial as abortion is today when suffrage was passed.

Just 50–60 years ago, the idea of someone getting divorced was EXTREMELY faux-pas.

Todays “liberal” ideals are tomorrows “conservative” ideas.

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@lefteh @supermouse, yeah sorry we’re doing a presentation in one of my classes. I’m trying to incorporate Fluther in our presentation, since not that many people know about this site. I thought I’d get some responses for our discussion questions. I put out a few questions all related to controversial music, any responses would be helpful! Thanks.

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Ahh! Heres the post, um, these questions are stupid. They are because they are because they are. Thats progression for you. Although i do think that the close-mindedness that would even provoke such a question is absurd. So i agree with you there, if that is what youre getting at.

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The people who “create” the controversial music become the parents. Then their kids need to one-up them to rebel and show their individuality, so it just keeps pushing the envelope more and more every generation or two.

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Well idk if i totally agree with that but that is the case most of the time. I personally like the thrill of showing a gentleman your ankle. And sex drugs rock and roll is pleasant as well. The things i would consider controversal anymorw is something that people just dont understand. Like the doors and pink floyd or something like that. Idk thats my opinion but then again you cant really surprise me

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Profit.America is a nation deliberately economically legislated to divide such opportunities for green to brown, black, and white homosexuals. The liberals will constantly seek to undermine any righteous values for the sake of profit. Blessings to those who would profit personally but decide to be righteous in the face of such an assault, and blessings to those who do not benefit yet remain righteous and unwavering much to the scorn of others.

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@Crusader Seriously… where do you get this stuff? The “liberals” are such an un-organized evil group of complete morons… yet we’re capable of plotting and conniving a worldwide conspiracy that commands the government, the media, and who the hell knows what else, hellbent on simply destroying the moral fabric of our society?

Looks like you found us out! Shit! .... Someone tell the Master of Evil!

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Look at the context of the start of rock and roll:
Teenagers are just starting to become their own demographic.
Teenagers have money in their pockets.
Higher education is now more common, especially among younger people.
More higher education leads to more money, more leisure time, more time to listen to records, etc…
There are many new ways to reach the masses: tv, radio, records, etc… everyone sees the same heroes doing the same things using the same products
These new ways of communication help businesses who market to this new demographic with money to spend
Product placement ensues do to this
Parents who worked their asses off during the depression (1 generation earlier) were envious of all the money teenagers have and start the “new right”
Government becomes more liberal and has to listen to the more educated youth who are becoming politicians. The youth have power in the system and can have an influence.
Parents don’t like this influence that is contrary to their own ideas.

Now, there has to be a similar context of youth empowerment and then older generations’ struggle against that power in order for new taboos and restrictions to be made. If the youth of today push the limits of the parents, and the parents don’t like it, there are the restrictions. Today, those things that really “tick off the folks” are guns, violence, disease, mockery of disadvantages, etc… In music today, many of these things are presents, hence the constrictions.

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I never implied you and yours were not unorganized or unintelligent, simply unwise. Wisdom is from the Lord. Jesus said ‘I am in this world, but not of it.’ ‘Hate this life, (life separated from God,) and you shall live forever, love
this life, (life separated from God,) and you shall not live again.’ Yet the same framework of Loving God and your neighbor applies as does be fruitful and multipy. You and yours have your reward here and now, I am interested in saving the souls on the brink or those yet to be born.

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@Crusader Right, because us liberals don’t love life, our neighbors, and we’re generally all around bad people. I mean I personally go out of my way just to step on small animals while I walk to class.

Are you really that dim witted?

I mean heck, your very name on this website implies a centuries long struggle that massacred millions of innocent people in the name of Christ (which I’m sure he wasn’t too thrilled with btw).

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Thank you for you continued dialogue, I appreciate your responses, though personal attacks on character I am not appreciative of.

Again, your are making sweeping generalizations and specious assumptions, I never said you do not love life, quite the contrary, please re-read my last post if you need more clarification. As far a neighbors, I believe liberals often have good feelings for them, If they are also liberals. Such conditional affection is the hallmark of a closed mind and condecending intolerance at best, and hatred and vindictiveness at worst.

My name implies what you ascribe to it-for you, for another, perhaps is relates to something else. If you believe that millions of innocent people were sacrificed in the name of Christ I think you need to understand the word sacrifice better as well as the aggressive and duplicitous nature of Islam then and now.

Certainly many were killed, on both sides, and both side commited atrocities, Islam attacked First, invading North africa, Eastern Europe, and Spain, formerly occupied by generally Christian/Catholic peoples who were Slaughtered during the 100 years of Islams Expansion by the Sword, with Muhammed and his harem of 8 and 9 year old girls, (and boys) at the helm. Attempts were made to conquer All of Europe but the were thwarted By the Sword of Christian/Catholics. A stalemate existed for several centuries with frequent skirmishes on both side, Islam became stronger and more aggressive, Christian/Catholic Europe responded…

Europe was on the verge of being overrun, Romania and other nations were farmed for small boys as catimites, (sex slaves,) for especially favored sultans, homosexuals were/are murdered outright, women were/are mere property, subject to death for infidelity and frequent physical beatings for ‘insubordination.’ All who are not of Persian/Arab heritage and Islamic are, by defination, second-class citizens. Is this the world you want? Not the world I want, for my family, or for others, liberal or conservative.

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Once again your ignorance of history prevails. I personally enjoyed this nonsense about Islam apparently being a religion of pedophilic conquerors (and so you know, they didn’t actually move out of the holy land towards Europe until the fall of the Bysantine Empire, WELL after the Crusades had been begun by the Pope…. In fact you can probably blame the fall of the Byzantines on crusaders, since they ya know, sacked Constantinople on their way to the holy land).

I’m not even gonna waste my time trying to correct you because you will again claim that I have false facts or some other nonsense.

And your ignorance of Islam is personally offending to me. I work with many muslims and know many of them personally. They are a fine upstanding people, and hold NO grudges or prejudices against me or anyone else (and considering most of them were born and raised in Islamic countries I’d say that’s a good sign). You’re throwing the entire religion in with a few extremists…. That’s like saying all Christians hate blacks based off the actions of the KKK.

Whats it like living in your world of paranoia, insanity, and poorly veiled hatred of people who are different from you?

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100 years and Islam conquered all I specified. Well documented. Your association with Islam probably justifies you in your mind to be so consistantly and self-righteously aggressive, I am only the ‘infidel’ after all…

You will try to falsely correct, or mischaracterize, or outright decieve, as is the province of the world. Not just Islam.

My ignorance of Islam? More like my knowledge of it. Try learning some Truth, or, more likely that you know already, tell some truth. Start with the legend of Vlad Dracul in Romania, you know, Dracula? Romania was a conquered province, and every year the cutest boys from each town were taken to satisfy the voracious sexual appetites of the Ottaman Sultans. Does this appeal to you? I hear many provisions are made for foreigners, like Michael Jackson. It did not appeal to Dracul and rightly so. It does not appeal to me.

The extremists? Hardly. The Sanctioned Leadership. Also, the vast majority are so-called Moderates everyone says, but the All respect the radicals, as the radicals are the Martyrs, embracing True Islam, the fighters of the people..etc…the holy warriors…I Know you are not that naive. At best misguided, at worst…well that is speculative.

I lovingly and without condition embrace all humanity, regardless of ethnicity, we are all children of God. (Man with women are preferred and should continue to be so for families and leadership positions,)However, attitudes formed by beliefs resultant from values derived from accepted State text that promote and encourage dishonesty (to the infidel) murder, (infidel) pedestry, and hypocrisy without accountability I have, and shall always take issue with. Do you? Or will you Ever respond to a specific position I have taken on Any subject or simply ad hominem and generalize, I expect the latter.

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