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How can I casually ask a guy out casually?

Asked by sprite (13points) May 19th, 2009 from iPhone

There’s a guy who rides my bus, and he’s shown all the signs that he likes me, and obviously I like him too. I don’t want to sound weird so I need a way to casually out. We can pivto chat on the ds, or use our iPhones, but I need a way to ask him. Within 3 days time PLEASE!!

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Just be casual about it. You seem good at that. Just joking. There is only one way, and that is DO it. Ask him. He won’t be offended and if he is in a relationship or something, he will tell you. I ended up marrying a gorgeous girl who asked me out one day – I had never met her before, but now we have been happily together for more than twenty-eight years.

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Just ask him you will regret every second that you didnt’t ask him. Its okay to act shy alot guys find that cute anyway.

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If he’s not asking you out, then he’s not showing all the signs he likes you.

But if you want to make the 1st move, find something in common and ask him to go to an event. If you’re chatting about movies you both like, suggest going to a new one that weekend.

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Just ask…what’s the worst thing that can happen?

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just be casual about it, casually speaking.

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Chicks dig redundancy.

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Whatever you do, don’t formally ask him formally! You wouldn’t want to end up in a huge white dress with ten of your friends wearing horrid green dresses standing in a semi-circle behind you.

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Hey, wanna grab some Chipotle, McD’s, Taco Bell? Hey, wanna see that __________ movie? Dude! They’re opening the community pool next weekend, wanna come with?

Pretty much anything can qualify.

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“Hey, wanna go get a Coke?”

Just ask. The worst he can say is no, and then the wondering will be over and you can move on.

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“Hey, I’m going to a movie later.. wanna come?”

or my personal favorite even if I’m still not quite sure what it means..


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“So, I see you ride the bus. Now that I know where you live, you should go out with me… Word.”

No, that’s not why I don’t get girls.

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Ask him if he’d like to see a local band, maybe. One of the cool indie ones, not the old dudes who sing Neil Young and America covers.

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“Can you take me out behind the junior high and get me pregnant?”

always winning style.

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Try wearing a shirt emblazoned with FCK and when he asks about it, “Text him that the only thing missing is U”.

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@Likeradar Why would you put the responsibility for asking someone out on one gender?

Why should a woman be passive?

If women wait for someone they like to make the first step, because they are they guys, they will miss a lot of chances.

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@oratio I didn’t say a woman should be passive. The OP said he’s showing all the signs of liking her. I disputed that- asking someone out is a major sign of liking the person. I didn’t say that her making the 1st move is a bad idea.

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@Likeradar Ok. damn, you are a fast responder

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haha you guys…. But how would I word it? I know i should ask him…..duh LOL

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@sprite – I think any variation of @NaturalMineralWater‘s idea would be fine. In a way, you have to think of it the same as when you ask your pals to go somewhere with you.

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Within 3 days? So we’re talking holiday weekend. There must be something going on near you. Just casually ask him of he’d like to join you.

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Say: “Hey. I was wondering if you’d wanna hang out this weekend? There’s this _______ going on and I was wondering if you might be interested.” Then smile.

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[Mod says] Excessive txtspk removed.

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Just ask him. If he says no just get a different bus.

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Btw I ride the school bus

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‘hey lets go to a movie’

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pig’s blood is in this year

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I ask guys out all the time. My standard line is, “Hey, wanna go grab a burger?” This works for me. Good luck. As others said on this post, “Just do it!”

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Girls are horrible at this. You can love a guy with all your heart and be too shy to say a word. So what do you do? Just ask. Guys don’t expect you to be good at it. We don’t care if the moment isn’t perfect or magical. Seriously, as long as you don’t come off too weird you’re good to go.


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Thanks so much you guys!! You are a big help  I plan to ask him out this week—what harm can be done? School ends in 10 days anyway  I’m still nervous haha 

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How’d it go?

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Casual, I assume.

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@dverhey Thanks for the laugh! :D

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