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Why do people hate Walmart so much?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) May 19th, 2009

I know a lot of people hate Walmart. I myself have no problem with them. It’s really the only place to shop in this town.

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I dont’t hate the store itself I hate the long lineups and massive amount of people there at once giving you zero breathing space. Other then that the store isn’t half bad they got some decent stuff there.

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They teach their employees how to get food stamps. They got busted for locking janitors in the store overnight. They go out of their way to prevent employees from getting health care. A full time job is hard to get at a Wal*Mart.

They are responsible for the Whitening, tarter control, blue jell with sparkles toothpaste. They force suppliers to lower prices on the same product after a while. So companies just add worthless shit and call it a new product.

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Why I dislike Wal Mart:
*They’re the largest employer in my state yet pay their employees poorly
*I’m angry not to be able to afford any longer to shop at smaller boutiques that have long been since put out of business by Wal Mart and their inexpensive but generic goods.
*The stores are huge eyesores

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the stores always smell.

the stores are always dirty.

the people that work there are either scary, ignorant or both.

they pay slave wages.

Target is way better.

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People don’t always hate Wal-Mart for the right reasons
As a corporation, they’re awful
worse than others

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Im a man that hates to shop. Im direct get in get out. I got to walk thru a big lot just to get to the entrance to walk 3 miles to get some milk. Too much time for me to waste shopping. I go to the Dollar General. In and out in record time like a Nascar pitstop.

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Jesus, what is there to like?

At all?

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Their legal.. yet unethical treatment of the majority of their employees.

That, and I just always like to route for the underdog.. that means wally is out.

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1)The clothes are ugly, never in style and they fall apart. 2)They sell electronics with a slightly different serial number, so when you see what you think is the exact same item cheaper it’s because it isn’t the same item as other stores carry.
3) They treat employees like shit.
4) The stores are too large and disorganized. They are usually way too crowded.

Target FTW! To be fair, my aunt once worked at Target and she said her hours were always changing at that was a pain in her ass.

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I worked at Wal-Mart one summer, during a college break. It was awful. The wages, the hours, the treatment of employees – jerking them around on hours.

As a consumer, I would love to say I never shop there, but there are some things that I just can’t pass on – or find at other places. Target isn’t great with it’s employees, either. No big box place is truly out for their employees, I just think that Wal-Mart has been more cutthroat than the others and have truly lost the ability to do good for their employees. They don’t have to do more than the minimum requirements, employess – for them, are a dime a dozen.

I don’t like their stores, in general. It’s been said above. They aren’t clean, they are crowded, way too big and I get so annoyed in the food section – they are almost always out of what I am looking for….highly annoying!

They drive small businesses out of areas, ones that have been there for years. It’s sad to see them go. The stores have zero charm (neither does Target) and to me, they take away from the area.

None of the stores are perfect, Wal-Mart – in my opinion, just leads the pack in reasons for me not to like them.

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I don’t hate Walmart but if I did it would be because the stores always seem to be dirty and disorganized, I can find the same or better prices at stores that are closer to me and that I already go to, because they sometimes exploit and take advantage of their labor force and because they put local businesses out of business. But really, the bottom line is that I have not found any prices lower at Walmart than I can find at my local stores if I look, and those stores are cleaner, better organized and seem to treat their workers better.

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I personally avoid shopping at walmart. Its just always a hastle to go there. There’s never any parking, the store always seems to be dirty, there’s always stuff on the floor, its really hard to get help when you need it, and the lines are always super long. I’d rather go somewhere else and pay a little more in exchange for better service and a clean store.

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Here is a good article about WalMart. link

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Not that I am trying to defend walmart, but the store in my town is clean with friendly, helpful staff. I suspect there are differences depending on local management. The walmart in the next town is dirty and unorganized…
I typically buy things like paper towels and cleaning products, cheaper than anywhere else.

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I try never to go into one and have done it only a few times under duress.

—Wal-Mart comes to town and drives local merchants out of business with cutthroat pricing.

—They treat their employees badly. Employees pass it on to customers and to the store itself. No one ever looks happy to be working there or shopping there.

—Stores are poorly lit so they look grim and depressing. And they are so huge that you have to walk forever to find something. I loathe the “one-stop shopping” concept and would rather walk a little way into six small stores than hike for twenty jostling, crowd-dodging, screeching-kids-listening minutes around a large and ugly one where no one cares what it looks like.

—Cheap merchandise is cheap merchandise.

I don’t see how it helps people save money anyway. Shoddy stuff wears out much faster than good stuff. How is it a saving to pay half the price for a quarter of the performance?

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Walmart is no differant than the rest of the big box stores. They all sell cheap sh*& at high prices, Run Mom and Pop out of business Have so many products with no one knowing anything about the product. Food stores should sell food. Hardware stores should sell hardware, clothes store should sell clothes and on and on and on. Then people would know something about what they are selling. Yea, I am a hypocrite, I still shop there but not much choice in the area.

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I hate how it is destroying the local economy in the city I live in.
I don’t shop there and I berate anyone that does.

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I hate the way Walmart transforms people into psycho killing machines armed with shopping carts and screaming children! I swear, take a perfectly sane soccer mom and stick her in Walmart and see who she becomes, scary. However, going to WM is very grounding for me. I guess it’s because I work on campus at school and am around intelligent people most of the time, but it just seems like WM is filled with people who couldn’t even finish middle school! I definitely prefer Super Target.

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@lisaj89 it’s because the prices are a-droppin’!! MADNESS!!

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I shop there at least once a week because it’s what I can afford. The employees are very friendly and treat my daughter and I like family. They might not have a job if Wal-Mart wasn’t around.

@lisaj89 Middle school? Really? I have a college degree, thank you. (graduated with a 4.0). Try supporting a family of five with little money during hard times. Take your assumptions back to “middle school.”

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I think people hate WalMart because the company has done various awful things, seems to take advantage of their employees, kills smaller business, and the Waltons are apparently not at all philanthropically-minded. This is why I hate WalMart – I swore to never shop at one again when I lived near them.

That being said, I have a good friend who has worked as a nighttime stocker at a WalMart for several years, and has been very happy there. Also, I find now that I live in New York City with no access to reasonably priced food and clothes – even at the larger grocery store chains and at Target – I really miss WalMart. So I am personally conflicted, and I suspect my experience speaks for the perspective many have on it.

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Well people had better start loving walmart because when this economy actualy fails and the gouverment is broke walmarts ganna be in charge the Walton famley will run this shit show of a country you just wait and see

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I am not defending WalMart, so please don’t yell at me. But this is interesting to me, because of my advancing age, I remember when supermarkets (grocery stores) first opened up and everyone said the same things. And it is true, they put the corner green grocer, butcher, etc. out of business. There are very few Ma & Pa grocery stores left and most people don’t even think about the neighborhood shops anymore, shopping at Safeway or whatever is just the way it is.

But this intrigues me also, people stopped shopping at the corner store because it was too expensive compared to the supermarkets. Now however, those corner stores have been replaced by convenience stores who charge the highest prices of all!

Go figure.

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I avoid WalMart at all costs for the same reasons: employee treatment, Chinese made products, supplier gouging, and the destruction of small businesses.

If you ever see my car in WalMart’s parking lot, please call the police. It means I’ve been car jacked.

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Jonblond, obviously I don’t mean all people shopping at walmart are like that, just the majority. I am speaking of the store in my city, not yours! Why don’t you come to Theodore, AL then you’ll see what I mean.

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@lisaj89 I’ve been to some shitty Wal-Marts and yet I don’t assume that the majority of people there are psycho killing machines that couldn’t finish middle school.

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I have only been inside a Walmart twice. Yes, they have low prices, and yes we really should shop where we can afford, but I refuse to shop there.
It’s a nasty corporation and I just refuse to support that and their lack of ethics.

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