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If you were to recommend one place to visit in the U.S., where would that be and why would you choose it?

Asked by dannyc (5250points) May 20th, 2009

My cousin invited my family down to North Carolina this summer (from my Toronto home), and, he claims it is the greatest area in the U.S. Got me thinking of the question above and I am wondering the same about Canada too if I were to be asked.

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Glacier National Park in Montana (and swing up to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta while you’re there). I say this because it has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in the world. Plus, them glaciers won’t be around much longer.

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A state? An area? A place?

State: California
Area: Pacific Northwest
Place: Disneyland

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Washington, DC. It is the nation’s capital!

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You can’t argue with Glacier National Park or the Pacific Northwest. So many beautiful places in this country. For me, and I have been all over this country. I just love Florida. Not the bloated, amusement park Florida. But the natural beauty. I prefer the east coast. South of Daytona, North of West Palm Beach. Then there are the keys. Starting below Key Largo all the way to Key west.

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Boston Harbour on Christmas day,Bbbbrrrrr

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Right here in California. Why? For the big fluther wedding, of course!

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i was thinking of where in the US is like no other place in the world. Two things that come to mind: Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas for the unique architecture mimicking many themes combined with the nightlife/gambling, and the Grand Canyon for the sheer vastness.

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San Francisco, California
It’s a small city with great history, great natural beauty, cultural diversity, world class food and art, a few hours from wine country, Carmel/Monterey, Santa Cruz.

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Seriously, I second the above. There is no place like San Francisco.
(Well, aside from San Francisco, that is)

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Up until a few years ago I would have said New Orleans, it’s unique among American cities but sadly, it ain’t what it used to be. I haven’t been there since before Katrina. But San Francisco is another one, another unique and wonderful place.

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<self explanatory>

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Eagle River in northern Wisconsin. It is absolutely stunning and includes the largest chain of fresh water lakes in the world. The Eagle River chain (9 lakes) combines with the Three Lakes chain (20 lakes). You can spend days exploring in your boat. Pure heaven! and great fishing!

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Yosemite National Park – amazing scenery, waterfalls

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Woot woot for Cali.

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The Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. They are incredibly beautiful, uncrowded, and you can do some great hiking up the dunes, swimming in the creek. You can bring sleds, exercise balls to roll around in the valleys of the dunes, and rent dune buggies. We went out at night with a tape of the Doors in a boombox and a giant orange ball and had a blast. You can find bits of lightning-struck sand made into glass up on the top dunes, too.

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The Grand Canyon, absolutely.

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kissimee, Florida. Sea world and Disney are only 10 minutes away and there’s a gr8 place there called give kids the world where you can voulenteer to help terminally ill children.

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San Francisco thirded for @hungryhungryhortense’s reasons.

And no one has suggested NY yet?

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Well, I can argue with the Pacific Northwest. I’ve never been so miserable as when I lived there. Fuck the west. The whole Pacific and Mountain time zones.

As much as I completely and utterly adore New York (all of it), if I could only recommend one place in the whole US, I would have to say Boston.

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@MacBean I am shocked and appalled. ;)

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@MacBean I can kind of understand. I lived in Portland, OR for over ten years and it’s not for everyone. I’m guessing it was something about the weather maybe that you didn’t like?

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Well, being from Canada, I at least want a warmer place, if I have one shot..
I guess any of the choices would do..except Ms. Palin’s Alaska, which nobody has chosen anyway…

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Sedona with a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

@Linda_Owl GA Everyone needs to experience the Grand Canyon.

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We were just there last month – beautiful! Don’t miss nearby Slide Rock on a hot day.

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@RocketGuy Slide Rock is so fun! I haven’t been there in years.

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