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What do you think about wearing running shoes without socks?

Asked by BookReader (417points) May 20th, 2009
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I think it stinks..hahah?

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its bad for your heals

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ew. sweatiness.

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@Lothloriengaladriel- she may stink, but she looks heavenly…holy doodoo!!!

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@Jay484- WHAT? No way…

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I just finished mowing the lawn in said fashion. Stink I may, but regrets I have not.

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@peyton_farquhar- No socks motto- “We stink and don’t care what you think!”- sound right???

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Not only stinky but it will cause blisters as your sweaty feet rub inside the shoes.

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@hungryhungryhortence- “Funky Feet Syndrome”!?!

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It’s bad for heels, too, haha. And it’d look lame.

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@jbfletcherfan- all i see are rainbows and butterflies-aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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like @hungryhungryhortence, I can personally vouch for the blisters.

What would be the upside of running sans socks anyway (other than saving about 20–30 seconds in the transition area)?

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I think it is asking for blisters unless you have really tough feet! I often wear 2 pairs of socks if I am going for a long run and it is hot.

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@BookReader That’s a good mental picture. :-)

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@BookReader- funkyfeet syndrome you can wash off, foot fungus, blisters and ingrown toenails you can’t. I ran competitively a number of years, we used to try just about anything. Once. :)

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@robmandu- i used to run without socks, but the neihborhood dogs would take my shoes, as they were airing out on the porch, to munch on…i lost more shoes that way!!! hahahahaha

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@jbfletcherfan- Ouch, my heart be still! hahahah…

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@BookReader Not TOO still. Keep it pumpin’.

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At my age, when I wear running shoes without socks I think about how I should have remembered to put them on!

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Your feet will be all “schweaty” and will end up smellin’ like raw sewage.

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@dannyc How can you forget? That feeling of no socks in shoes is just nasty to me. Your feet will thank you if you remember to wear them.

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@jbfletcherfan And your shoes will thank you too. They won’t stink as bad.

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@chyna You got that right.

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@jmah- fooof… would you care for some relish and mustard on your “rawsage” footlong and ice in your “schweaty” power drink? OMG!!!

…i’m just a fool in love! i am soooo bad… :P

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Eventually you might have to heal your heels (blisters).

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Nasty unless you just put them on to take the trash out or something but it’s still gross

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Oh yuck. Those are shoes that would never be allowed back into my house!
S-M-E-L-L-Y! feeling kind of faint…the funk is in the air!

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I hate that feeling. I’d think I was losing my mind.

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you would get a bad score on your feet or heel

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