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What do you think about the candidates for the 2008 US election?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) December 21st, 2007

Where are you from, who are you cheering for and why?

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Boise ID, and Ron Paul because he’s the only candidate that’s not a celebrity. Did you see Hillary on Insiders? I don’t even watch TV and I heard about it. WTF?
Well, not only that. He’s also the only candidate that’ll run the government they way it was supposed to be run.

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RON PAUL all the way. i haven’t voted ever and really could care less to because yea yea your supposed to vote but i never cared for anyone. Ron Paul on the other hand. Just damn. The way that man speaks. Hes not some bullshit politic. He talks to you like another person. I want a man like that in office.

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Ron Paul. F the establishment.

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A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for anarchy.

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how about u answer the question ketoneus?

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I am honestly not a fan of any candidate at this point. Instead of being about values, goals, objectives, it’s become a sales/popularity contest.

The only person i know who is close to what i want in a president is Newt Gingrich, he is a sharp, well-reasoning man, a thinker, and a problem solver.

That’s who i would vote for.

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The only candidate who can sit across the table from world leaders and tell them no;

Actors have not let us down in the past.(acting is not Fred Thompson’s only credentials) Consider a non-crazy today.

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@chris. I like Bill Richardson, but I don’t believe even he thinks he will win. Even though he’s probably the most qualified candidate since Al Gore, he’s probably just running for Secretary of State.

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Having done a great deal of study on this topic over the last few years, I am convinced that the Democratic candidates will possibly talk up a positive storm of changes, but after taking office, I expect they will look good for awhile, then all will change, and the desires of Big Business will trump the desires even of the incumbent president , until all gets back to the day to day direction Mr Bush is presently walking in. If this were not the case, then why is it that with greater control of both the House and the Senate, little seems to have changed?

Hating the thought of a full conspiracy, that shall bring down the Country as we know it, changing it into a full fascist regime, with Americans serving in other countries, and the Chinese and maybe the Russians keeping Americans in the right track, with a forceful overthrow of our right to bear arms, is the direction I am speaking of regardless! It is also possible there shall be a reason for the present administration to call for Martial Law, and if this occurs, Mr Bush shall surely set himself up as President for life, with Mr Cheney still making all of the decisions.

People, seriously now, it doesn’t look good for America, because for those who have done the studying, what’s happening here presently, is almost identical to what happened in Germany, before the setting up of Hitler’s Fascist Regime, with the burning of the Reichstags, and then a descent people at war for a One World Government!

The Elite are desirous of getting this worldwide population down to around 500 million—a half billion, which means virtually 6 billion must die over the next few years! Hitler was working with the same kinds of figures, but took five years to destroy only 26 million, and so the rate of destruction has to skyrocket upwards, and thus smokescreen flu pandemics with very poisonous vaccines to do the trick, is one way of ensuring the population’s demise reaches into the billions.

Do a google seach for Dr Rima E Laibow, and couple that with the Codex Alimentarius, and you shall see another way the World’s Elite have chosen to kill billions!

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My personal favorite is Steven Colbert. I also think he’s about the best TV journalist in this country… which ya, is saying a lot, since he’s a satirist.

Another interesting movement is the Unity ‘08 party’s attempt to create a little actual democracy:

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Obama and Edwards are the least evil of the candidates with a chance. Kucinich rocks, but has the same chance as an ant against a bulldozer. Clinton repulses me. As far as I’m concerned, the Republicans can collectively take a long walk off a short pier.

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We have one party tht runs against itself. The demublicans. Both parties seem to be steering towards more and more government intervention, but in different ways. The Patriot Act is a step in the name of securing our way of life, to infringe upon the very things it purports to protect. The candidates seem to believe that if there is any problem, the government has to solve it so we bail out corporations who through mismanagement, are undergoing problems.
The only real disagreement the candidates seem to have is Iraq. However, McCain says to stay in Iraq, Hillary and Barack say withdraw. I don’t believe any of them will actually withdraw.
As long as we have a one party system that has back room deals and earmark spending, not much will change no matter who is elected.
And, if you think it is George Bush in cahoots with big oil, while that may be, he is not alone and it is not just the Republican wing of the Demublicans.

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trainerboy, I quite agree, except GW Bush has seemed the worst by far, and the current Dem side looks to be preferred to the Rep side. Not that that helps what you’re talking about.

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Harry V
If the Weekly World News was still in business, you could be one of their writers! You never answered the question other than to rant on about Bush, but he is not running this time, in case you hadn’t noticed. You can only be President for two terms and this is his second term.
I think you may be right in comparing Hillary to a Hitler type. She will say anything, do anything to scare people into believing they cannot get by without big government. Even then, comparing her to Hitler is a stretch.

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