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For any DJ's out there, how do you think the world of DJing has changed?

Asked by iAmLuca (146points) May 21st, 2009

I DJ’d for around 7 years before having to sell my Technic 1210’s to buy a mac for producing music. I then noticed the big change from Vinyl to CD’s and having originally planned to return to DJing, i opted out after it had become a CD Deck world. Now it’s all MP3 and i feel the whole DJ scene has been opened up by anyone with a laptop and a download client can play music live.
The Musicians Union used to state that vinyl DJ’s were musicians, but doesn’t state anything for CD/MP3 DJ’s.

I’d like to hear some views on this…

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With the right set up, MP3s don’t sound nearly as good as vinyl.

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i just quit when the mac craze hit the dance floors :s

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I was young when I started, but I am thankful that I was at least able to hit the tail end of the 100% vinyl days. Even just a few years ago the CD decks were more of an add on accessory to your Technics or Vestexs, but now your right, vinyl is becoming less and less common.

Most of the new mp3 decks have beat matching software that will find the beat for you! I think the digital decks sort of kill the passion. With vinyl you get to feel the music, it’s like you can feel the snare through the vinyl when you pull back the record and let it drop. Not to mention I despise scratching with any type of digital deck.

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