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What is your educational background?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16558points) May 21st, 2009

The users on Fluther seem to be extraordinarily talented and educated, and have been participating in some very complex discussions. A few of you have mentioned Masters Degrees and work at universities. So just to get it out there, what is your educational background?

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I am a soon-to-be high school graduate come June 4th. :)

In 2013, I’ll be a Stanford grad with a degree in linguistics, but I most likely will end up having more than one degree.

I’ll get back to you in 4 years. And yes, this site will be around then.

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Master's in Audiology
Bachelor's in Communication Sciences, with a Minor in Psychology
Associate's in Liberal Arts, with a concentration in Psychology

The School of Hard Knocks – Birth through Present

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High School graduate. Yep.

Then again, I’m a FNG that hasn’t asked/answered many questions, so it shouldn’t be too surprising. Just found the site yesterday and fell in love. I’m currently a writer, so all of this is really helpful in getting my creative juices flowing.

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Master of Science – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1983
Bachelor of Science – Biology (Chemistry minor), 1976
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting (Photography minor), 1976

Plus twenty years as a museum curator, and a lifetime as a reader and thinker.

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High school graduate (with honors, w00t) .... and about to graduate college with Chemistry degree and a minor in Criminology.

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Working on a B.A. in linguistics with an almost major in speech and hearing science,

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@Grisaille I’m new too, this is only my third day on here! I love it here, maybe it was a good thing that QnA (my old home) closed.

@All – a bright bunch, as I suspected. Thank you!

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BA in Biology with Minors in Anthropology and Russian Literature – 2006
Masters in Public Health with a concentration in International Public Health – 2008
Certification in Public Health – 2008
Taking a break to work and raise the kids for now, planning on going back to school for a PhD in Sociology asap

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HS dropout who went to a HS completion program, a year in College, lots of trade courses and a doctorate with honors from the School of Hard Knocks.

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I have a BS with a major in Psychology.
I have a Minor in Substance Abuse Prevention.
I have a term of Master’s work.

I also have a ton of volunteer work and work experience under my belt. Mostly in counseling, social services, and culture.

Husband has a degree in Environmental Studies so I’m pretty knowledgeable about that as well.

And I try to go to seminars, lectures, and trainings whenever possible to keep continuing my education.

Edit to add: Oh I’d like to add my hard knocks degree as well ;) Life hasn’t been easy but I’m making it through. Good one @Judi

thanx for asking

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The school of hard knocks and life university where I majored in insanity.

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High school. I majored in psychology in college but never finished my degree because I had brain surgery and then developed agoraphobia. (I really want to go back and finish. I will, as soon as I can handle the social setting again.) Most of the stuff I answer on Fluther, I feel qualified to answer because of plain ol’ life experience.

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@MacBean, @Judi, @RedPowerLady You’re all right, experience can be a great educator, as long as you learn from that experience. Thank heaps!

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College drop out. w00t w00t

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BA in English, emphasis in literature. I’m slowly working on an AA in American Sign Language studies, and also taking a class or two every semester in something I find interesting.

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Bachelor in Bus. Management/Entertainment Management.

Just earned my law degree… And I mean I earned it. :)

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@uberbatman: <fistbump>

@Wine3213: A friend of mine just got his law degree. They are most definitely earned. Congrats to you!

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Bachelor of Fine Arts. In Communication Design – 1994

Vocational/Technical High School – Mechanical & Architectural Drafting – 1989

This is my tenth year as a college instructor (currently adjunct). I work in career (read: vocational) colleges with inner city populations.

Also, a School of Hard Knocks Alum.

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High School graduate and 19 credit hours away from an Associate of Arts degree.

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BA – Communication Arts (Radio, Television & Film)

Sometimes I feel like I’m in grad school at the University of Hard Knocks, though, and I’ve not defended my dissertation yet.

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B.A. in biblical studies
Ph.D. in Old Testament and Hebrew (talk about an unpractical degree).

Teach at a university because I can’t do anything else (obviously).

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College drop out in 1991.

I went back to school when my sons were 1 and 3 and received an Associate of Applied Science degree in Travel and Tourism in 1997.

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BA in liberal arts with a concentration in literature
MLS (Masters in Library Science)

Reading addict

Early attendance at the School of Hard Knocks but the blows have been softening in latter years (good ol’ therapy)

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BA in Psychology and a BA in Education

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BS in Human Development and Family Studies, working on M.ed (Masters in Elem. Ed.) and teaching license.

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BS in Business, Accounting & Management of Information Systems

Teaching Credentials in Business Education, Social Studies, Online Education, and Multiple Subject Classroom Environments.

16 units toward an MBA until I lost interest

60+ misc units post grad in History/Econ/English/Cantonese/Spanish and whatever else caught my fancy.

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High School dropout (although I don’t align myself with that term, usually) GED within 3 months of dropping out of high school.
Began my college career Fall 2003, which would have been my senior year of high school.
I’ve been every major under the sun, but mostly stuck to Psychology. Russian/Psychology was my major for a year at Temple University. I wish I would have stuck with it. I also have a certificate as a Pharmacy Technician.
I’m currently getting the associate degree requirements out of the way, and entering an RN program in Fall 2010.

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Just a high school graduate. I’ve majored in life’s experiences, successes & failures, accomplishments & disappointments.

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BA—Russian Studies
Masters: Industrial and Labor Relations
Professional Researcher:
Health care industry
Health care reform (single payer)
Welfare reform
Immigration rights
State government future
Grass roots politics
Federal budget expenditures
Town-gown relations
Public services in a county
Research methods
Statistical methods
Qualitative methods
Science fiction fanatic (novels and short stories)

Look. This is totally ridiculous, but the point is that all these things are things I draw on when answering questions. They have all taught me a lot; probably much more than I learned in college and grad school. The list goes on and on. Maybe someone else will put up their list so I don’t have to be embarrassed about this.

I’m a generalist. I know nothing about absolutely everything (as opposed to specialists who know everything about absolutely nothing).

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@daloon its always better to know a little about a lot than a lot about a little :)

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AA – Liberal Arts
AS – Some computer hardware related thing I don’t remember
Certificate – Some other computer software thing
Obviously, I don’t put much value on formal education.
Gemology program from GIA
Various computer software and gemstone grading and identification courses
Work experience as a jewelry manufacturer and software developer, among others
Life experience

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AAS Automotive Tech, Lewis & Clark College
AAS Diesel Tech, Lewis & Clark College
AAS Computer Science, Southeastern
BS Education, SIU
MS Education, Cornell
MS Psychology, Cornell
PhD Theology, USC
PhD Psychology/Education, USC

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@daloon – Like you I have done many things besides go to school, so I also know a little about a lot of things. I have been a computer programmer, a photographer, a truck driver, a plant inspector, an ecological consultant, a martial artist, a mom, a musician, and many, many more things. It’s just easier to give folks the list of diplomas.

However, I did also go to school to know a lot about a little. I happen to be a systematic terrestrial malacologist with a particular interest in introduced species, and the families Bulimulidae and Pupillidae. I can dissect a 6-mm snail with one hand tied behind my back! And that, plus $3.00 will buy me a cup of coffee at a Starbuck’s clone.

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LSU graduate…go Tigers

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Mechanical engineering diploma.
Hi fmf :-)

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Hi Odysseus!

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Associate Diploma Medical Radiography 1985
Medical Imaging Technical Upgrade to Diploma 2000
Graduate Certificate Clinical Education 2004
Master of Radiographic Practice (Image Interpretation) 2007
Busy preparing for PhD thesis in clinical assessment 2009

I have sworn each one will be the last!! I guess I like to keep learning.

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