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What are you trying to make peace with?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) May 21st, 2009

I’m trying to make peace with the possibility that I’d always need anti-depressants, if only in small doses

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The human race.

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that what i do will never be enough or interpreted as valuable to the person i look up to most. and that it is likely he will die before the relationship is reconciled (which seems more impossible by the day).

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My internal conflicts. Most epic at the moment is my decision to join the USMC.

Hurts my heart, hurts my head. Gah.

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The fact I will probably never be close to my mom, I will always fail her

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well i’d like to think that you don’t

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I’m trying to make peace with the fact that putting my life on hold for my family was indeed the best decision.
I’m resentful and its so hard now, but I know that in the long run,
well, I just could never be happy turning my back on my family.

it’s just a matter of remembering that fact, I suppose.
that this isn’t self sacrifice, I’m doing what is most important to me.

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The damn raccoon that is trying to live under my deck.

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The fact that I went straight from puberty to senility in one step.

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The fact I may get laid off soon

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That right now it is not an option for my outward appearance to match the real me.

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I’m very happy to say that I have made peace with myself. That includes the fact that I will always need those meds, too. :)

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The likelihood that I will never find a job.

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my friends. not really I just wanted to add something.

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It’s so frustrating I can’t bring myself to put it in words. Maybe when the storm passes. ...

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A decision I made that keeps me grounded in one spot and prevents me making any serious partnerships for awhile.

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The fact that I will never know what it’s like to be normal!

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It used to be that no matter how many times I re-lived the past in my mind I will never be able to step back and prevent tragedies. Accepting this allowed me to find new love and establish a life I never dreamed possible.

Today it is knowing that work will always be interrupted as long as the kids are at home. I am adapting my work hours to school hours and learning not to resent having to walk away from the easel when I am at the peak of creativity. But it is like being in the middle of passionate lovemaking and being put in a cold shower.

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Today it is the deer that just wiped out my garden. ...Here Bambi, I got something for you….

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Anyone know how to cook venison?

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