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How can I create a web site to show a map of languages in Europe?

Asked by papathm (10points) December 22nd, 2007

I want to show on the map of Europe (with different colors)the languages spoken in Europe AND the changes that happened in the last, say 3000 years. I am thinking of a time selcting bar somewhere on the screen so one could select the period and see the distribution of languages. Or watch a show with the changes through history.
I am not much of a web developper. I was thinking to try flash, photoshop or even powerpoint. Any ideas how to build this effectively? Many thanks

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Sound like it’d be the easiest to develop in Flash. All of those nifty animations would be pretty difficult in DHTML.

Powerpoint could also work, but won’t give you the fluidity—though I can’t speak to how recent versions export to the web.

Good luck! Let us know when you’re done!

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Yea, flash fo sho, but it’ll take some action scripting, so if you don’t know how to do that it’ll be quite a challenge. I’d suggest getting someone else to do it for you, but I’m sure it’ll cost quite a bit…

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Sounds like a great candidate for a Flex application.

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Ahh…the elusive Flex. If only you could learn it without a slew of conferences and visits to IRCs
I wish I understood it better. Maybe I just need to try harder :)

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IMO OpenLaszlo is a better platform, and easier to learn. (Of course, I used to work for them.)

Though it sounds like you could do the whole thing in Flash using a couple of actionscripty things.

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