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If you are on an overbooked flight and the airline offers to move you from coach to first class, would you go if you found you would be next to Jane Fonda?

Asked by justwannaknow (1369points) May 22nd, 2009

This Question is for vietnam vets.

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I wonder how many vietnam vets are on fluther (maybe I should ask my husband’s dad)

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I would go, most definitely. Goodnight Jane Fonda, I’m going to sleep in my fully reclining bed-seat.

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You’re funny.

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Sure. I can ignore her as easily as the heavy breather guy in coach – maybe easier.

not a Vietnam vet

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I would move to first class even if it meant sitting next to Rush Limbaugh.

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Oh hell yes. I have my iPod anyway. Besides, free drinks.

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Are you kidding?? Jane Fonda!! That would be a thrill indeed.

And, you must already know this, there are tons of vets who love her.

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This question makes me think of the Seinfeld episode about coach vs first class.

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Jane Fonda is an unpatriotic skank of the first order!

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@Cardinal: the question was, would you accept first class, even next to an unpatriotic skank of the first order, or would you stand on your asshole principles?

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What don’t I know about Jane Fonda and Vets?

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