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How am I able to sync an iphone with more than 1 computer?

Asked by rob_thats_me (7points) May 22nd, 2009

I have been using the same computer for some time to sync my iphone & as a result this is where majority of my itunes collection is stored. I got a second computer recently and whilst messing about with it plugged my iphone in, it started to sync but then it asked me if I continued it would wipe the itunes content from my iphone “did I want to continue?” I pressed the ‘No’ button. I have now transferred over all my tunes (via memory stick) to the new computer & I now want to use this computer as my main itunes, I have tried syncing my iphone with this computer but whereas it says it’s syncing but in all reality very little appears to happen. Does anyone have a solution?

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You have to wipe and fully re-sync the iPhone with the new computer.

You will then need to re-download any apps you’ve gotten from the App Store… 1 at a time. The good news is that you will not need to re-purchase any of those apps.

Your iPhone (or iPod) can only be managed by one computer at a time (that is, without wiping and re-sync’ing each time).

Note: before you get rid of your old computer, make sure you go into iTunes and “deauthorize” the PC from your iTunes account.

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[ Clarification re: downloading apps you already own ]

When you attempt to re-download something you’ve already purchased (even if it was free), your iPhone will still prompt you for your iTunes account info.

My suggestion: for your first re-downloaded app, grab a free one. When you attempt to re-download, the store will tell you you’ve already downloaded once and then ask if you’re sure you want to download it again. Say yes.

If that works on the free app, then proceed with confidence on your paid-good-money-for apps.

If you don’t see that notification, call Apple Help because you don’t want to pay twice for something you already own.

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