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Has anyone used Wirefly to start a new service for a cell provider?

Asked by lollipop (737points) May 22nd, 2009

What was your experience? Would you recommend them? Why? Why not? Give me your experience dealing with them please. I am considering going through them to join Verizon as it appears the rates are less than going to Verizon itself. I am currently using ATT and have lots of problems with them!

For anyone that uses Verizon, what model an brand of phone would you suggest getting if we don’t do much more than possibly txt back n forth, it would be a two line plan. It does have to have bluetooth though.

We have a vehicle that has the ability and use it now with ATT but the connection isn’t the best, does it have to have a special ‘set up’ (phone) or (vehicle) or both? It sounds like the person is talking in a tunnel!

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Here are about 400 reviews on wirefly. Read through them & see what the pros & cons are. A quick browse through & I see a lot of negative reviews.

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