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How addicted is the world becoming to antibiotics and are we daring nature to throw us a curve with our reduced immunity as a result?

Asked by dannyc (5250points) May 22nd, 2009

Every drug store (more like Super centres) I see rows and rows of stuff and I keep wondering who the hell is buying it all. Have we become a society of pill-popping paranoid people at the mercy of every lotion, cream, ointment, ..somebody is getting rich or marketing up a storm. Or is there a need for all this industrial powerful poison, (in my opinion it is mostly a waste)

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Your title is not matching the description which is a question in itself.

In answer to the title question evolution is not limited to flora, insect and animal species. Bacteria, microbes and viruses also mutate (evolve) to new conditions in the environment. This process is expedited by people who misuse antibiotics (not take them as prescribed or take them when not needed) and so we are starting to see strains of diseases that are antibiotic resistant.
Mankind will- in my opinion- rise to the challenge and find another way to fight the new strains. It is just a natural course of life on this planet.

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I see your point on the description..should revise..thanks

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I totally agree with you. I see all these people dousing themselves in Purell and I want to scream. You have to have some germs in your life to build an immune system! I’m no doctor or expert, but I do know that if you keep warding/killing off bacteria and germs with Purell and antibiotics, they’re just going to mutate into bigger, better, faster bacteria and germs. Or something like that. Everyone needs to calm the eff down and stop being such germyphobes. Yes, germyphobes is the technical terminology.

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I see what you are all saying and i completly agree, we use way to many things such as purell to keep off germs and what not but there is a major problem with that, you do need germs to build up an immunity, i do also understand there are some very dangerous germs that can be fatal, keeping things like that off is ok but we have gone WAY to far with this germ killing junk…
Realistically sooner or later those germs we are blocking off can evolve so they can survive when they touch something such as purell then we are screwed because nobody will have the propper immune system built up to keep these new germs from harming them.

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I do not worry so much about taking too many antibiotics because I don’t and I refuse to buy antibacterial hand soap and the like. But I do worry about how much of an overdose I am getting each time I eat a piece of chicken or beef. I know that factory farms use large does of antibiotics in the feed to prevent disease spreading in those close quarters.

There seem to be more and more resistant infections occurring, in Australia they have had cases of Golden Staph at most all hospitals. Very difficult to cure, especially if you are ill to begin with.

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@essieness You are very right about that. I saw some tv shows on this and did some personal (not television, lol) related research. The alcohol in purell and other hand sanitizers can actually be more harmful than helpful. This is for a couple reasons. One you already mentioned, leaving no bacteria to build up your immune system. But also this stuff kills the “good guys” as well as the “bad guys”.
In fact salt water can be more helpful in many circumstance than alcohol. And lets not forget regular old soap.

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