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Which pharmacy schools are easier to get into?

Asked by xojaveria (3points) May 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

Now i know no school is “easy” to get into…but which ones generally require a lower overall gpa and pcat scores?

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I don’t know, but if you get a ranking of pharmacy schools (from US NEWS school rankings) those higher will be more difficult to get into, those lower will be less difficult. But all pharmacy schools are very difficult to get into, as I’m sure you know. Best of luck.

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@gailcalled That link is full of Milo.

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Here is a link to general requirements for pharmacy schools. If you don’t meet the requirements, there are other avenues to pursue. This site allows you to put in your zip code and find out programs near you.

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In general, the more expensive the tuition, the easier it is to get in. Also the longer and weirder the name, the easier it is too. Any of the schools that are unaccredited or have pre-accreditation status by the ACPE would be good for you too. Of course, you’re technically gambling that they will eventually get fully accredited by the time you graduate so you can actually become licensed as a pharmacist.

Example: “The Feik School of Pharmacy at the University of the Incarnate Word”. Believe it or not, that is an actual pharmacy school in San Antonio, Texas. I think their tuition is more than $30k/year.

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