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Where do I go to get a part time job for high school students?

Asked by lilaznstar235 (53points) May 24th, 2009 from iPhone
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Restaurants, grocery stores, life guard, amusement parks, the list is endless. Think of what you like to do and think of a job that fits in with your interests. If you like animals, go to a veternary hospital. If you like the outdoors, go to a park, work as a camp councelor, etc.

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The mall. You can go to Craigslist if you have a specific job you’re looking for.

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Movie theaters, country clubs (waiting tables, lifeguarding), summer daycare programs, cutting grass (if you’re cheap enough, you can do great business in volume), babysitting, etc.

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Go to a security alarm business such as ADT and apply for a position as a central alarm center dispatcher. Your responsibilities will include monitoring remote alarm systems to ensure businesses and homeowners set their alarms properly and should an alarm signal be received during off hours, notify the police, the owner or designated party and dispatch a serviceman. In effect, you will be busy as hell when most businesses close (at the same time) and then be sitting on your ass looking for something to do. I not only did the majority of my homework and studying for high school and for my BA from UCLA while some one paid me, but I found time to read for enjoyment, visit with friends, watch television, etc. You must be able to stay alert and aware of your primary responsibilities and react immediately when necessary. In other words, if you don’t fluck up you can be paid to do your studies and obtain your degree. I’ve not shared this secret with many people (they have not asked) but if you follow my advise you will always wonder how you can possibly thank me enough. PM me and I will give you my address so you can send me a job finders reward, say 10% of your gross pay for your first year. Sounds fair to me…wtf

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Your age makes a big difference… in NJ, you can get your working papers at 14, but some jobs require that you are 16, 17 or 18. My son’s first summer job was helping at a furniture warehouse and deliveries. At 17 he got a job at a car dealer… he cleaned the customer waiting area, and then moved into the car wash. He’s been there for over a year now, and earns a decent amount for his age.

Do you have any particular interests, or are there any career options that you want to learn more about? Look into those industries to see what opportunities might be available.

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