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Should the UN intervene in light of North Korea's underground nuclear bomb test?

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Would you intervene if you knew your neighbor was testing nuclear bombs in their basement? They answer is probably yes.

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How do you mean intervene?

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I think that instead of giving reasons to North Korea to develop nuclear weapons the world, especially the US should start treating them as people, not just as communist freaks. Another thing, with what morality would the UN tell North Korea to stop its nuclear program if it is at the same time letting Russia, France, US, and other countries keep their nukes? It really does not make sense to me.

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The UN is a helpless useless organization.The intentions were good and useful at first,but know it has become an all mouth no action scared to say the wrong thing organization.

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Well, NK retreated from the non-proliferation treaty in 2003, so i am not sure if they are legally bound to not have nuclear weapons.
But anyway, whether justified or not, it is not going to happen because first, NK actually has nukes, thus would be too dangerous to invade (i think Iraq only got invaded because the US secretly knew they had none), and second, and most importantly, NK has no oil.

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