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What are some volunteer jobs that an 11 year old can do?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) May 25th, 2009

My sister is 11 years old. She loves animals, the environment and would like to volunteer at a shelter of some sort. Any ideas?

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Before you find her a job, will transportation be an issue? Will someone be able to take her and pick her up?

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Humane society or Habitat for Humanity are 2 big organizations

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Is there a children’s zoo in your area?

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At the age of 11 she would probably have to be accompanied by a parent. I believe Habitat for Humanity asks that you be 16 to even volunteer with a parent and our local Humane Society asks for age 14.

However, if you are near a small nature center or a small zoo you might see if she could help them feed animals a few times a week. When I was a museum curator I often had one kid at a time between the ages of 10 and 14 help me with that as well as with conducting some of the Saturday classes.

Also our family veterinarian allowed my son to observe surgery two days a week, and a family friend who had horses let my daughter came help distribute feed every now and then.

The problem will probably be related to insurance liability. Often if there is a limit it will be age 14. However, she might also consider either conducting a bake sale or some other fundraiser to raise money for an animal shelter, or running an old towel drive – animal shelters use lots and lots of old towels. Then she could present her gatherings at the shelter and get a behind the scenes tour. If she keeps that up over the years the staff will get to know her and would probably cut her some slack on volunteer age.

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Roots And Shoots is a great organization, and they do lots of stuff at local zoos.

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That’s so great that she wants to be involved! Is there a 4-H club near you? I know they’re Christian based, but they do volunteer work occasionally. It’s a great club whether or not you’re religious. I mean, they pray at the beginning of meetings, but other than that, I don’t remember there being any actual worship.

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@chyna: she has a friend that she’s looking to do it with and i’m just helping them find a place to work. They will carpool together, so no, transportation isn’t an issue.

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You might try seeing if there’s a petting zoo that goes to local fairs and festivals. They’re already set up to have young people interacting with the animals, and they might let her help out with the animals at the fairs, or even show other kids how the different animals like to be handled, or something like that…

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Maybe she could bring puppies from the humane society in to visit nursing homes. Children and puppies both cheer up old folks.

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@Judi that’s an awesome idea. I’m going to suggest that to her.

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Fill sandbags when the levee breaks.

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there is not much you can do at that age with animals. Most places you need to be 16 or 14 with a parent. If you want to do community service joining a girl scout troop is a great way. They do all kinds of fun service projects! It’s not just selling cookies! :D

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