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What kind of next-gen DVD player should I invest in: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) December 23rd, 2007
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I think the question presupposes that you need to invest in either right now. If you’re a gamer the choice might be made for you (HD with XBox, BR with PS3) but I still wouldn’t be buying many disks, unless they’re offering something amazing beyond the regular DVD and you’re not too uncomfortable with the idea of trading them in, should you be on the wrong train). I would hold off for the meantime. Later in 2008 it should be much clearer, though the answer might be “neither”.

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There are really no huge differences in specifications between the two. There are little ones you probably will never notice. The thing you might want to look at right now is what movies are available for which. Another option, although more expensive, would be to buy a combo player. It’s been a little while since I sold for Best Buy, but we had an LG Combo player for about $700. Both platforms are selling pretty well right now, at least from my experience, so I would be inclined to believe we mights not have a clear winner until 2009 or 2010 but who knows.

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From what I understand HD-DVD looks like its winning as of now, but honestly with the cost of the HD players right now, it’d be best to wait and see who comes out on top when the smoke clears. You don’t wanna pull a “mini-disk”. Ouch.

I don’t imagine that event being too far off in the future.

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All depends on what you like to watch. disney is blu-ray only and that is a big deal. Superbad is blu ray as well

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Blu-Ray has the best movie selection and majority of the studios backing the format (Disney, Fox, Warner Bros (supposedly going all Blu-Ray)). If you own a PS3 you can’t go wrong, because you get the best of both worlds (gaming and entertainment) and its the most affordable Blu-Ray device available. That being said, I would hedge and buy a dual format player so either way you don’t lose out.

Good Luck!

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I’d wait.

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Blu-Ray is the winner. HD-DVD just totally lost.

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Well I think that puts this question to bed, once and for all.. Nevertheless, I’m in no rush to replace my DVDs. I’d happily skip right to downloads, given the right deal.

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