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What alternative name(s) do you give your remote controls?

Asked by ucme (50047points) September 20th, 2013

Not getting any indication this has been asked before, although I suspect it might have been, we carry on regardless.
Apparently us Brits have around fifty nicknames for our remotes, ranging from zapper, thingie & doo-dah
Personally I call ours the doofer or the mote
I only want the “alternative” people to answer, the rest of you can turn the channel to another question =0}

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At one time I think I called it a “clicker” because it actually did click, but nowadays, just “remote.”

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“The buttons.”

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La-mote, because that was what my son called it before he could pronounce “r”.

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I call it the remote or remote control, but the majority of the people around me call it a clicker, and for whatever reason that word rubs me the wrong way. It sounds stupid to me. Once in a while I call it the changer thingy, because that sounds so much more clever.

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The thingy.

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I usually refer to it as the ‘channel thingie’. Sometimes I call it the ‘remote thingie’. Sometimes it’s just ‘the thingie’.

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No nicknames for the remote control here. We treat it with the respect it deserves.

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I haven’t watched TV in years, but I work at a hotel. Usually people call it “the remote”. Many people say “the clicker”, too. I say “the remote control”.

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My wife calls them clutter.

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I call it ‘fjernbetjening’.

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I always give every answer to my question an automatic GA, people took the time to join in so it’d be kinda rude not to. However, “the respect it deserves” goes without, from me at least, on general principle alone :D

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The thing for the TV (or Roku, or channel box,)

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I have a union jack TV remote, bought it last year in honour of the London olympics.

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I call it “the x-box controller”, since we watch TV through the x-box.

Otherwise, it’s, “Hey, do you know where that thing that controls the volume is??”

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My remote control has 2 names: Remote or Control, whichever I think of first. It answers to either.

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When I was reading the paper this morning, I saw this article and I just knew you would ask this today. I call it a remote. My boyfriend normally says, ‘pass us the thingy’.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That wand remote looks wicked cool. If only I had 90 dollars plus shipping & handling to spare… But I wouldn’t do it anyway.

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Moken troll, pronounced “mo-kin-troll”

This is from growing up with southern-as-hell grandparents.

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@Headhurts I actually thought you might have gotten in first, fun question though.

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That fucking thing, as in, “Godammit! Where is that fucking thing!?!”

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Mine is French, ’‘patente a gosses’’. Which is basically the equivalent of ’‘trinket’’, ’‘thing’’, ’‘contraption’’ with crap all over it. Literally translated, it means testicle contraption, or kid contraption, as ’‘gosse’’ is a QuĂ©bec slang for balls, as well as a French word for children. yeah I know, fucked up Gosse can also mean screwing around, as in tinkering, or messing with something. Usually used when you try to fix something up, set something up, or being annoyed. ArrĂȘte de me gosser; stop annoying me. Or, je gosse avec mes gosses. I’m messing around with my balls. Okay that’s it for the half assed French lesson. XD
But it’s not really my personal thing, as everybody here calls their remote controls that. Just some kind of unspoken rule that your remote control is a patente a gosses.

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“That thing that hides in my couch”.

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My doo-dah is none of your business. Although, I’ve been known to doofer a zapper with my thingey from time to time. See what I did there? I’m so clever!

I just call it a remote. I’ve heard zapper and clicker too. Although they really don’t click anymore. Aah… the good ole days…

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Never knew they used to click, have this image of people’s dawgs sitting & begging for a treat every time their owners switched channels…poor pooch.

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It’s a bodger in my house!

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TV = “The Power!” (As in “I HAVE THE POWER!”)
Surround Sound amp is simply “amp.”
VCR is “Victor.”
DVD player is silver in color so I call it “Casper.” (As in ”... the friendly ghost.”)
Blue Ray player is “blue.”

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