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Well, perhaps we are propping them up now, what with all this aid we give them. But I don’t think we should be proppers, do you?

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I don’t. Nice avatar!

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The reasonable thing to do would be to draft a treaty which mandates dismantling of all existing nuclear weapons and then proceed to outlaw all nuclear weapons.

How feasible is this? Probably not very given the deceptive nature of politics and deceptive habits of politicians.

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Just ignore the silly little things. They’ll soon go away

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We could invade them when we are finished invading Iraq and Afghanistan, or we could stop buying Hyundais. Or heck, just hang ‘em, hang ‘em high!

I thought there already was some sort of agreement that they are violating.

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@Darwin hyundai is a south korean company, not a north korean one. you would hurt the wrong country.
north korea doesn’t have a lot that could be called industry

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Should we really care what’s going on over there while we have our own problems? America, Russia, Brittan got silo’s full of nuclear weapons and we never hear the world crying about America, Russia, Brittan and other countries with nuclear weapons! So why don’t they sweep in front of their own doors?

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I’d send Joe Biden over there to negotiate- confuse the heck out of them.

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Thank God Bush is not president anymore he might use some stupid remark and make things even worse, deal with it, North Korea is there to stay.

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Personaly I hope they have a revolution soon…. Without anybody hitting a big red button named nuke…

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@ragingloli – I know Hyundai is a South Korean company. The point is that there really isn’t anything effective we can do about North Korea deciding it wants nuclear weapons. It really has to decide that for itself. Once we let the cat out of the bag (Hiroshima followed by Nagasaki) we cannot get it to go back in.

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I was researching this oddly just before its all hit the media, you can’t take away their food aid or you condemn millions of innocent civilians to starvation its not right, Russia is currently in charge of the UN at the moment, its a good thing really because Russia has patients its already given N.Korea a chance to redeem itself but it threw it back in its face and now its gonna no doubt come down hard! Even China its only ally is pissed off as it only got a 30 minute notice before it all happened…I think the public want a revolution but with 1 in 10 in the military and the 4th largest standing army no wonder there scared…we need to support the people and get a revolution underway, sanctions will only alienate the people and fuel yet more hatred for us all…

I thinks N.Korea has nothing to loose, Kim Krazy is clearly dead or nearly dead and a new successor is needed and this is their way of re-instating their sovereignty.

This 4/5 part documentary is great done by the BBC it is bound to make you think twice about the people of N.Korea you can see they don’t exist for war its only the mad leadership that does…

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Invite them over for BBQ and coleslaw (or kimchee).

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Well, at least we know they have weapons of mass destruction, so that is a heads up to whatever action is taken.

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Send in some top gun actors, or Hans Blix. link

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Know what the difference is between Kim Il-sung and saddam hussein? Nothing. Once the dog has bitten its master, it will be taken out back and shot. (or hung)
What is a need today will be an eradication tomorrow. It is how we role.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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@ChazMaz the differences are:
Kim doesn’t have oil, but has WMDs.
Which is why bush didn’t invade NK but Iraq and why NK will not be invaded anytime soon.

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We hang on to NK (tolerate), because it provide an advantage to us. Dig a little deeper. WMD’s was/is a smoke screen. It always comes down to money. When kim becomes unmanageable as was the case with saddam hussein. You watch how fast heads role.

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@ChazMaz the US hasn’t taken military action because it must protect its allies the South Koreans, the short range missile testings are designed to show that NK will fire on SK if it wants to. If the US retaliate they endanger the lives of allied civilians in SK. This is not acceptable so it will not happen.
NK knows its ballistic missiles won’t reach the US so it is pulling out its last available threats to hurt the US where they more locally reside.

There will be no military invasion of any kind by the US in NK I guarantee it.

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Maybe not in our lives and, the tactics may not be as apparent as a John Wayne movie. The Missile threats and the nuclear programs are just a political game. NK suffers from little man syndrome in the big scheme of things.
When your child screams and cries you give them a cookie and they stop. When NK cried we give them money. That is their only intention.
Yes I understand the issue of protecting our allies. And, it sure makes sense. Us sheep do not like “giving” money away. The days of conquering and controlling real estate are over. As the saying goes, Money talks, everything else walks.

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Why is it all about the US? What if North Korea just wants to get even with Japan for many centuries of mistreatment?

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Serious talks with China. Threaten China if China doesn’t cooperate. China is the only country able to put serious pressure on North Korea which essentially means closing the border if North Korea continues this very dangerous path ignoring the concerns of the international community.

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@mattbrowne you can’t threaten China because there not at all scared by any other foreign power…there your key source of many electrical goods to the west etc. they also take away for processing much of our general waste.

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Maybe we should just let North Korea threaten China.

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Now that is a good idea, won’t happen. China does not like to give money away like us Americans. NK would get its ass kicked by China first day on the playground.

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@ChazMaz That’s the point. If North Korea is stupid enough to keep making nuclear devices on China’s doorstep, perhaps China will squash them like a bug. Better yet, just pronounce them a rebel province, take the place over, move all the scientists to Beijing, and then re-educate the rest.

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Of course one can threaten China. But it would hurt the west as well. It’s a matter of priorities. Which poses a great threat? A nuclear NK capable of launching intercontinental nuclear war heads or removing China from being a key source of goods?

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“Better yet, just pronounce them a rebel province, take the place over, move all the scientists to Beijing, and then re-educate the rest.”
Ya know, that is probably what will eventually will happen.

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Ignore them and don’t give them a thing. Kim’s regime will collapse of its own incompetance. If they attack a neighbor, the US and China would almost certainly act together to crush them. Kim may be crazy, but not suicidal.

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