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Do you believe that "some" people are born gay/lesbian?

Asked by cyn (6913points) May 26th, 2009
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Yes. Just as “some” people are born straight.

Next question.

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Yes. You might also be interested in this question.

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okay for
everyone that answered yes
here’s another question…..
do you believe GOD exists? what religion?

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Magic 8-Ball says: without a doubt

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‘Some’ almost certainly, all I’m not too sure.
I have lived all my life as a straight lad only to find myself being sexual attracted to men around 18, (I mean when I was 18, thought the other is also true :P) maybe I was just a late developer or lying to myself.

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@cyndihugs : Nope. Not going to get into that with you. Go somewhere else to troll.

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It’s possible.

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I think that’s the ONLY way you become gay or lesbian. Some straight people may exhibit gay behaviors (ex., prisoners) but that doesn’t mean they’re gay.

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I believe that “most” are. Just ask my sister (lesbian), my aunt (lesbian) and my brother-in-law (gay).

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I have no idea. All I know is that I did not choose to be gay. That would not be possible. Whether it came from environmental influences, hormones, etc. I do not know, but I did not choose it. It was something that developed as I grew older. I went through no transitions or “bisexual phase”; I was always gay since I have felt attraction for people. As for where it came from I do not know.

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Everyone knows that gay people come from gay vampires that sneak into your room at night, suck out all your blood, and replace it with gay.

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Sells idea off the gay porn site

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Yes. These “some” people are called “homosexual.”

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@Dansedescygnes you would look cuter with longer hair

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Yes!!! For what not? I was interested in girls since I can remember my feelings… born hetero. For me it does not matter with wich gender you have sex – the important thing is that you do it because both of you want it and have fun. This is our freedom without restrictions (only speaking for adult-persons, surely…). Why should there not be a 100% tolerance of the society to gay/lesbian love? The way we thought and partly still think is and was sick.

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Yes, “some” people are just as “some” people are not. And I am an agnostic, so the answer to your next question is maybe but not very often.

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Nobody is born gay or straight, it’s a choice made early in one’s life.

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@Steven0512 that is the most retarded thing i have heard all day. yeah, i can imagine a 1 year old toddler thinking “i am now gay”.

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@Steven. And exactly how early in ones life would that “decision” be made. From the way you phrase it I’m assuming sometime in childhood so I have a question for you.

What child in their right mind would choose to be the most despised kid on the playground? I mean, really?

I gather you haven’t worked with children much. I have and gay kids most certainly don’t choose it they just are and at that age it has nothing to do with sex. And just to clarify my definition of children I am referring to kids around third grade age who (presumably) have not yet had sex with anyone. That’s the age group ivtaught and at that age they are just being themselves. There is no choice about it. They are just naturally being.

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Bleepity bleep bleep. Arghh!!!

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Thanks, but no thanks. :)

Short hair all the way.

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So having gay parents wouldn’t make any difference in a child’s life? Nothing in this world could possibly sway somebody?

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That’s environmental influence. That is a perfectly valid theory as to what causes homosexuality. It’s not the same thing as a choice, though.

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Absolutely! Check out all the studies that have been done. They all point to genetics.

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It’s a choice we can make, if there is something like a God than I think we should leave judgment for Him, after all who gives us the right to do Gods work. Did He not create gay people as well? Your God created everything, Satan and gay people as well.

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Maybe you can link some for us.

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There are synopses of a bunch of studies here.

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I never decided to be straight. I assume the same applies for homosexuals.

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If one does not believe it, I feel one must still respect the rights of those who are gay/lesbian: freedom of choice is a cornerstone of democracy.. But since I do believe it, I do respect the “some” and the whole of our gay/lesbian friends, families and fellow human beings to their sexual preference and rights of peaceful coexistence. I also understand it is a difficult issue for “some” who are born heterosexual who do not see “some” may be born gay. I respect that too, but fundamentally disagree with them.

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I was born straight, but once I saw reached puberty and realized how hot women were I changed teams. At least that’s what I thought back then. In fact, I’m pretty darn sure I was born a lesbian with the occasionall penchant (years and years ago) for that cute little thing in boys trousers.

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I used to think it was a choice but have since re-evaluated. I’m not so sure I have the experience or knowledge to say one way or the other, but I can look at my own heterosexual experience to get an opinion. I don’t know for sure whether I was born hetero or not, but I do however know that I in no way could be attracted to another guy, hence not a choice. I do know I find brunettes to be more beautiful than blondes. I can’t change this feeling so again, it’s not a choice. Whether I was born with this or it was something that my childhood experiences engrained into me, I have no idea, I just know that my sexuality is not a choice. I can’t choose to be gay, because it wouldn’t feel right, literally and physically.

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As for your remark “So having gay parents wouldn’t make any difference in a child’s life? Nothing in this world could possibly sway somebody?”

Just for the record,most gay people have straight parents . . .

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Of course you’re born that way. I’ve yet to see little kids when they play, say “Let’s pretend we’re gay so our uberChristian relatives will never speak to us again, and strangers will say rude, hurtful things to us.”

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@Pandorabox That was the precise point of my previous rhetorical question about what kid in hhis right mind CHOOSES to be the most despised kid on the playground? which I see that Stephen has chosen to ignore completely iin favor of more absolutist statements about “nothing in this world could sway…..etc.”

Absolutist statements such as that are not at all helpful when dealing with such a complex area as human sexuality and personal identity.

I have been in many a conversation with Fundy types who steadfastly keep emphasizing the prohibitions of the Almighty against sinful acts but make no distinction between being and doing. Which is why I have been told flatly “There is no such thing as a gay child.” Yes, that has been the most frequent response I have gotten. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt as the saying goes.

All of our actions are choices whether gay or straight——our orientation usually is not.Usually…....

But, there are exceptions and I am talking about the majority.

I also get a chuckle out of the extreme concern over kids raised in gay families being turned gay. Its so convenient to forget that the VAST majority of gay people come from straight households. If it werent so hurtful and damaging it would almost be laughable the way basic logic just flies out the window over this entire issue.

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We are what we are.

shame on you folks again for making something simple into something hard

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I know some people who were raised in gay households but grew up to be unrepentantly straight. Dad and Dad (and in one case Mom and Mom) are delighted with the grandchildren.

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I chose to be gay. Everyone knows it’s way cooler.

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@breedmitch Get out! Really? ;)

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I don’t think it’s a decision, I think we’re born somewhere on the sexuality scale and that’s just how it is. Our cultural influences definitely affect our actions, but not our desires. By fourth grade I had crushes on a couple girls at school along with a couple of the boys, and that’s really never changed. At the time, though, I certainly worried that I might be teased or punished for liking other girls.

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Pretty much every friend I have that is gay was raised in a strict Christian household. Granted, that is a small sample size. Like 9 out of 10.

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Studies are saying it could be a mixture of both nature and nurture. I tend to believe the nature side most – I think we are born either homo or heterosexual and there isn’t anyway to change it.

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