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Can anyone recommend me a reasonable capacity, fast SATA laptop hard drive?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 28th, 2009

I’m looking for something 300gb+, 7200rpm (or faster? I couldn’t find anything), and whisper quiet and reliable. 2.5”, obviously. I’m not really interested in an SSD, for now.

Recommendations? <3

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The faster a drive’s rpms, the louder it will be. That’s just mechanics.
I recommend visiting for information.

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That will be expensive. I was trying to find you one but for some reason does not work for me. But that is The site were you will find what your looking for. good luck ;)

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Look on newegg for sound. I think you’ll do well with a WD or seagate.

Also, steer away from 7200. It’ll also drain more battery. I think you can do the loudness, power consumption and price combination fairly well right now… like $150US for 500GB.

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I was just looking at reviews for a similar drive, and the two best are currently the hitachi 5k500.b (I think the best) and the WD Scorpio Blue WD5000BEVT. Both are 500gb, 5400, and sub $100 at newegg. They may not be whisper quite, but certainly reliable (apple uses hitachi drives for OEM).

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I swear by Western Digital.

And that’s a UK supplier ;)

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Apple uses fujitsu, actually, and the 3 month hitachi drive I had has been giving me problems. It’s also not the quietest guy in the room.

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My current MBP drive has started clicking quietly, which is one of the many reasons I want to replace it.

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* Wants an SSD but cannot justify spending that much on something that doesn’t get him laid

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@andrew – Don’t Apple use different suppliers depending on part prices? Or is it consistently Fuji in the MB / MBPs?

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I went for the WD Scorpio Blue. Thanks! :D

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