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What's the best kind of indoor tanning lotion?

Asked by timeand_distance (1287points) May 28th, 2009

Preferrably one that doesn’t do that tingling thing, that freaks me out.

Right now I’m using something called “Puppy Love [with body blush]”, but it’s not doing much. I’ve also tried something called “Fabulously Bronze” that’s an accelerator, but I don’t really notice a difference from that, either.

Also, I realize excessive tanning=skin cancer, so please don’t bother to preach to me about it. I’d really appreciate answers from people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about/people who have tried different kinds of tanning products.

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When I used to tan my favorite was called Climax . Not only did it do a good job of even tanning, my skin was softer tan it had ever been in my life. This link has it cheap compared to what I used to pay for it.

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I use the Barely Bronze from Victorias Secret, you can choose the intensity of the tan you want and it doesnt leave a nasty scent.

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wait, are we talking about “self tanners” or lotions to use in a tanning salon?

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i was talking about lotion to use in a tanning salon.

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what I thought

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I use a lotion called Blush, similar to what you have used. I buy it from the salon I use and you can really tell a difference when you use it. The lotion smells great and doesn’t leave your skin greasy after using it.
I agree with the tingling stuff. I tried it once and it looked like I had severe sun burn…before I even got in the tanning bed! My legs (I had shaved the night before) were on fire!

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any swedish beauty products

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