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What do people in China call their good plates?

Asked by icehky06 (896points) May 28th, 2009
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Not clear what you mean? Do you mean the Chinese word for good dishes (as in dinnerware)?

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Yes exactly

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China is actually a type of dish. Not the nice dishes.

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Nothing. we all know they eat out of cool little white paper boxes.

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um…just plates…

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fine china…wtf

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The America?

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Porcelain? The good dishes? 良好的菜?

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Good plates? I still don’t get it… Could you give an equivalent in English (I haven’t even heard of such a thing in English)?

And @Darwin, what you said was only “Very good meals”. I’m not sure that’s what icehky06 meant…

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I did my translation with Google so you know what that is worth.

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@Saturated_Brain In America, we call our fancy, special occasion dishes ‘china’.

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@augustlan Oh… As in… “Jimmy, get the china out! The guests are coming in an hour!”

Haha… In that case, I still have no idea whether people in China have a specific name for that. My relatives in China just use normal bowls and plates. Just a lot more of them.

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