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This is for all the fellow movie geeks on fluther ... which is your favorite studio opening shot/music ensemble?

Asked by mcbealer (10209points) May 28th, 2009

you know that promo shot with the studio’s name big as life and some sort of jingle that signals to the theatre-goers it’s time to shut up now, the movie’s about to begin?

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I like it when it starts eerie

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Or Dreamworks, the little guy fishing on the moon. Is that what you’re talking about?

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I like the Pixar light and also that good old MGM lion’s roar.

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20th Century Fox, the best.

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Pixar Light = Love.

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The music for 20th Century Fox is great. I always sing at the top of my voice when that plays.
Favorite image is the Universal beginning. I also love the old Warner Bros. and RKO signs.
Oh, yeah… and the old TohoScope (you remember seeing it at the beginning of Kill Bill?)

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I totally Lurve Pixar’s Desk Lamp.

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Pixar, Dreamworks & Lions Gate (all those clanking gears!) do it for me.

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Pixar’s, definitely. I also adore the 30s-40s Universal logo with the crystal art deco globe and stars.

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I’m with @PupnTaco and @filmfann 20th Century Fox all the way. I love the music, I love the spotlights, I love the giant stone statue. Another nice one is Dreamworks – I like to think that is Huck Finn fishing off the moon.

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Pixar. They can do no wrong in my eyes :P

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I’m a fan of the Dreamworks into also. I used to like the Tristar intro where the Pegasus jumps over the logo. The 20th Centry Fox opening is an all time classic and Paramount is okay – I think it is where the word encircles the globe.

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I really like Spyglass Entertainment , DreamWorks and Pixar of course.

BTW this question was inspired by New Line Cinema because I find the music, find it quite soothing actually. sigh

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oh yeah, almost forgot, also Focus Features because of the quality of their films

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The Jim Henson films logo with kermit riding the camera and giggling used to be fun. Love the pixar lamp. View askew is fairly scary.

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