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Have you had any success talking to the flutherbot?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12562points) May 29th, 2009

What has your experience been with the flutherbot?

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what’s a flutherbot?

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Does one actually “talk” to the Flutherbot or just set the settings and forget about it?

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@marcosthecuban: Read the latest fluther blog

@Darwin: I don’t know. My impulse with bots is to chat with them, but maybe the flutherbot isn’t meant to be chat with. Maybe it’s for…what you said.

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Yes, you can chat a bit with the flutherbot. He’s really, really nice.

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i haven’t found anything really “easter egg-y” yet, but i’m trying. i’d like to see a few more commands…

lurve – tell you your current lurve
PM – do you have a PM (or PMs..heehee pms) waiting
recent – kick back, say, the top 5 questions or something
<jellyname> – spits back the profile info for <username>

i realize it’s a wishlist, and involves a lot of time, but just some suggestions.

much love and thanks to @andrew for it, though!

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I read the blog, but there’s no clue what the Fluther Bot is, or where it is.

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@andrew Will flutherbot talk dirty to me or is he all about business?

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@jonsblond i’ll talk dirty to you on IM, if that’s what you’re looking for. just make sure Blondesjon’s down with it….~

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@eponymoushipster He’s got the swine flu unfortunately. Maybe when he feels better? I’ll ask then.

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I keep trying to remember to block the fluther bot, I occasionally will get a series of 3 text messages to my phone when I’m away from my PC, and it’s a bit annoying. I’ve never asked the fluther bot anything really, I’d rather just log in since I’m already at my computer.

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@jonsblond swine flu. hot damn. those bacon injections were sure to get him eventually…

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@eponymoushipster – I believe the bot already notifies you if you have an unread PM.

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I just installed it. Anxious to see what happens. Good work guys. Thanks for working hard to update Fluther!

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@RandomMrdan You can set it so that he doesn’t send you anything other than notifications for comments, if you want!

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Is he a robotic jellyfish? Cuz that would rule…

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there’s a flutherbot?!

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@cricketonastick I’ve been wonding the same thing. I read the blog, but there’s no clue there as to what it is or where it is.

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@cricketonastick, @YARNLADY it’s an IM bot. you need to have an instant messenger account (like, AOL instant messenger, Yahoo! Chat or Google Talk) and application for using IM to employ the bot.

If you don’t use instant messenging, then the bot is probably not of great concern to you.

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