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How much should I pay for a second-hand Marshall amp?

Asked by Jack79 (11027points) May 30th, 2009

Ok, the problem is I don’t have the exact details, I don’t know which model it is and so on. It looks medium-sized, I know it would probably cost more than $500 new, and I tried it recently and it sounds good. There’s a problem with one of the buttons and when I took it to be fixed the guy at the shop said it would cost 95 euros (a bit over $100) to fix it. My friend said he can’t afford to pay for it, so he said that if I want I can have it fixed and keep it. But I know it’s worth a lot more than $100, even in this condition, and I’d like to also pay him a bit more.

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That’s hard to say without any details. Is it a head/cabinet or a combo? Is it solid state or tube? Can you give any guess as to how old it is? If it’s Marshall, I can guarantee it’s worth well over $100. Could you find the serial number on it and maybe look it up on-line?

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It’s at the shop to be fixed so I don’t even know the model number. I remember it has 1–2 guitar inputs, an input for CD player or something, and I seem to remember it was the one with also a mic input. Has maybe 3–4 basic controls like bass and treble. It’s black and is in pretty good condition apart from that one button. I’ve been trying to find a pic, but I don’t even remember 100% what it looks like.

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Looking at pics, it could be something like the AS50D, which I see goes for something like $300–400 new. That means over 400 euros in Europe (yes, the euro is higher, but so are the prices here). So I guess my idea to pay him 200 is quite fair, especially since he didn’t ask for money. What do you think?

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