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Does anyone else have problems with Twitter?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) May 30th, 2009

First I tried registering my phone, I entered the number, hit submit-nothing, no confirmation number, no acceptance message, nothing, just cleared the field. So I did it again, still nothing, ten minutes later, my phone shows up as registered twice, I get one text from twitter, I delete the duplicate phone, now they’re both gone.

I upload my photo, it is less than 700k, it is a jpg, twitter says-“what a nice picture” and nothing happens. It doesn’t show up, fail

is eveything with twitter really slow? run on old people time? Am I just terribly impatient?

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Try clearing out all of your phone numbers, and starting again. I’d also give it a go with another photo, if the original one doesn’t upload.

Maybe it was just a sketchy point in time with some of the database servers, or any number of possibilities…

Try again later.

Good luck, and many happy tweets. me

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Now im back to where it won’t even give me a confirmation number. Just clears the field. tried in 3 browsers. I’m so sad

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edited by me

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***punches self in face ***
I guess i will wait
the phone part is the most annoying though.

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