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Any flutherite word sleuths watching the spelling bee?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) May 30th, 2009 from iPhone

OK I’m really supposed to be doing yardwork right now, promised the dogs an afternoon walk, and tonight I was supposed to catch up on some sleep with a nap.

Yet I am glued to the tube (ESPN) rooting for all these young bright minds, and getting major chills as they advance.

The finals air on ABC tonight BTW.

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spelling bee
sorry no

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Heh, sorry to burst your bubble, but they’re re-airing it from the other night. The finals were a couple of days ago. Kavya Shavishankar won.

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Just finished watching it, congratulations to Kavya!!

You can tell how special this was for her, and how hard she studied.

@Ivan, I’m glad I didn’t see your post earlier, LOL

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I get too worked up watching them. It brings up my own feelings of stagefright when I was one of them.

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I watched some of it. I felt so bad for the boy that misspelled “kalium”

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I watched it and found it scary. Where did some of those words come from? The girl who got “Anasazi” received a free pass for one round.

OTOH, there was that little Einstein who knew the word in Greek for parrot so was able to spell the disease (which I do not dare spell here) spread by parrots.

Edit: psittacosis

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Doing well at spelling bees is all about learning those roots (I was a NSB contestant in 1976!)

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Yeah, you could tell that Kavya really had a firm grasp of roots.

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whew! well, somehow all the yardwork got done AND the dogs got their walk.

Life is good.

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