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What would you like to see at E3 2009?

Asked by Grisaille (12048points) May 31st, 2009

‘Tis I, again!

Well, I’m leaving to LA in a few hours to cover the Electronic Entertainment Expo. For those that don’t know, it is the largest video gaming trade show in the world, with companies both small and large attending, making announcements and revealing games.

You all have been extremely helpful in getting me ideas on what I should do in LA, but the main reason I am going is for work.

So I ask you this – what would you like covered? I am attending the big conferences (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) as well as a handful of publishers and developers. I’ll be liveblogging the conferences and posting up interviews, but you, as the gamer (or outside observer), what would you like to see? Hands-on demos? Reports on the new trailers? Anything in particular? Non-gamers, what would you like to see?

I’m doing this alone, and I’ve gotta split my time wisely. I’ve grown to like you guys, so I figure I’ll ask you first :P

I didn’t want to plug our site, but I figure it’s a bit necessary. I write for One Last Continue, I’m that “Lucas” fellow. :)

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Oooo videogames, I am a gamer and I would like demos

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@Tink1113 Good, I’ll pack in a bunch of hands-on demos. Anything in particular you’re looking forward to? A specific game?

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Well I want the new Raving Rabbids game

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@Tink1113 Cool.

I’m attending Ubisoft’s (developer of Rayman: Raving Rabbids) press conference and I believe I have a floor tour, so more than likely you’ll be hearing from them. I’ll sneak in a demo impressions for you :P

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Anything fresh and new catches my attention. A couple years ago, I was all about the games. Anything with up and coming consoles, demos, news on old titles coming out with a new game in of a series… stuff like that. I’m getting into some of the gadgets more recently though. Any new equipment I tend to take an immediate interest in. I may get bored with hearing about it after the first bit, but it always tends peaks my interest in the beginning.

You lucky dog you. Traveling to LA and all to attend on of the coolest trade shows ever.

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Ooooo I would totally love that!

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@Randy Gadgets? You might want to take note of the PSP Go, the newest entry in Sony’s line of handhelds. It hasn’t been officially revealed, leaked shots have surfaced. You can check it out here:

I’ll definitely be giving it attention when Sony does officially announce it at the convention center.

Also, as an aside, check out the OpenPandora. I had an interview with a member of the team, you can check that out here:

Also, the EVO Console, here:

The above two are completely opensource, convergent devices. Awesome stuff if you are into that kinda thing.

As for the show itself, hardware announcements generally steal the show. I’ll be looking out for them, thanks for the suggestions.

Here’s hoping my head doesn’t asplode from all the booth babes.

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I forgot to mention that I’m a Final Fantasy fan and I’m anxious to see what Square Enix has to show this year.

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Chances are it’s relatively slim. They’ve already confirmed that most (if not all) Japanese employees would not be showing – this means Nomura, Square Enix’s driving creative force.

Maybe a FFXIII trailer (I expect the one that was included on the Advent Children Complete disk), and few others. I don’t expect any sort of demo-age.

Besides, we all know that they save their announcements for the Tokyo Game Show, the jerks :[

And yes, I’m a Square fan, so of course I’ll be including them into my plan of attack. :P

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I like Final Fantasy too and Kingdom Hearts!!!

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Those jerks, letting us know about things so early and not giving us much more than trailers. As long as you get some coverage though, lol.

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@randy I have my complaints against them. That is all I will say, lest I fly off the handle in a fanboy rant.

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The Eye-Fi card is amazing :)

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Wow you are incredibly lucky. Hands-on playable demos would be great. All of the major announcements will be either aired on G4 or posted on the major sites.

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Oh God. Is it awesome?

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Well, that was in regards to my touching down in LA. :P

The weather here is weird. Hot/cold/hot/cold… make up your damn mind!

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When do the press conferences start tomorrow? Do you have a pass to any of them?

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Yes, I have Microsoft and Ubisoft press conferences tomorrow. I’ll be liveblogging them.

The event itself starts on the 2nd, I’ll have hands-on demos, interviews, impressions and the like.

P.S. I have horrible jet lag.

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Also, Microsoft starts at 9 AM PST. Ubi, 5 PM PST.

I should have a post on the publication I write for either tonight or (early) tomorrow morning with a direct link to the liveblogging page.

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Sweet. Don’t be persuaded by Microsoft’s evil.

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I have a good feeling on what they might show tomorrow. Can’t wait to see if my predictions are correct.

If so, the universe will implode.

Anywho, gotta go smoke a cigarette. Damn hotel is non-smoking. Have to go ALL the way downstairs and outside.

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Project Natal: Looool!

Hideo Kojima! You traitor!

Modern Warfare 2: <creams self>

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Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 surprised the holy hell outta me. I just left the conference, trying to write up a convergent post of everything I saw.

In the meantime, the other writers are posting news stories.

oh, and regarding natal

god that thing is hilarious

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The Left 4 Dead trailer had me laughing out loud.

Oh, and I am toootally getting Charm Girls Club.

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Definitely a powerful showing from Microsoft. Good job on them.

They have raised the bar on what a good Media Briefing is.

Can’t wait to see Sony and Nintendo tomorrow. Let’s hope my internet doesn’t fail (I couldn’t liveblog because I couldn’t connect!)

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Yeah, Microsoft put on a good show. So far EA’s conference sucks. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t bomb.

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The Old Republic… I’m not a Star Wars fan, but that was epic.

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No Beyond Good and Evil 2 at Ubisoft. :(

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Indeed, writing that sheeeeet now.

Very, VERY upset they didn’t at least TALK about it.

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Btw, Ubisoft’s show was weak. And very boring.

Though the surprise visit from James Cameron was definitely a plus. And Pele, to a lesser extent.

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No, James Cameron’s 34 hour speech was not a plus, sorry. Pele was cool, but other than that, I agree. It was boring and had little substance. Everyone was, of course, waiting for new Assassin’s Creed footage. What we got was awesome, but a little 2 minute trailer at the very end does not make up for the whole show.

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Dude, they literally just showed the AC2 footage and said “GTFO.” Most abrupt ending to a conference ever. Little meat, all talk.

Leave the corporate circle jerk at home.

And I like Cameron, leave me.

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So, God of War 3 was pretty kick ass. Sony’s motion control looked rather impressive too.

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Dude. Sony’s entire conference kicked ass.

Not as glamorous as MS’s, but definitely a powerful showing.

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I’m really digging the show that Heavy Rain is putting on, it looks really innovative.

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