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Could you recommend a good smartphone game?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) March 9th, 2016 from iPhone

I mostly use an iPhone myself. But feel free to recommend game apps from Google Play too, as many are also available on iOS.

Plus Android users (who come across this question) might be interested in downloading a good mobile game.

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First what kind of game do you like to play?

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I like adventure, action and platform games. I also like RPG, at the moment I’m playing Final Fantasy IV

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I find my phone too small to play games on, but then I never got used to Game Boy, either. I mess with Candy Crush sometimes, but really I’d rather play on my PC.

My little one is really into right now. It’s all the rage with the Youtubers.

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@Seek Oh phones can be a little small to play games on. The iPhone 6 is not bad though, and sometimes I’ll play games on my iPad mini. But most of the times I’ll just use airplay and play games from my phone to Apple TV.

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If you like action and platform games, how about trying things like Temple Run or Crossy Road? These games involve jumping and quick reaction.

For adventure games, well these two aren’t really the kind of adventure games you know, but Five Night at Freddy’s and Another Case Solved are two great games that come to my mind. The former involves monitoring your camera and blocking yourself from monsters, while the latter has a set of puzzles that you have to solve to move along. Both have great stories.

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@Mimishu1995 Thanks I’ll hav to check out Five Night at Freddy’s, that sounds good. Temple Run and Crossy Road I’ve played and love.

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I wish I could remember which of the Xenonia games were totally free and which had a paywall. Doom & Destiny was a fun one $3 though.

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Thanks @jerv Doom & Destiny looks interesting. I don’t mind paying for games providing they are worth it. The Final Fantasy games are way more expensive, so €3 is no biggie for me.

And its available on iOS too :)

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I have Cooking Fever and Hayday.
There’s Ghost Trick, Silent Age, Beneath A Steel Sky, Gabriel Knight.

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For Android, but some also I think on iPhone:

Pixel Dungeon – pretty good simple roguelike RPG.

Rebuild – goodish zombie RPG/conquest game/simulation.

Only One – funny action arena game

Deadly Dungeons – not bad RPG game ala the classic Dungeon Master, though not that good

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Spellfall is a combo of RPG and Match 3.

If you want something relaxing, try Atlantis: Pearls of theDeep or League of Mermaids.

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Are you aware that the IOS Appstore is currently running a feature section on the best games from Indie developers?
You might want to check it out if you haven’t already.

Reading through the descriptions, there are several which are genre busting and quite original.

One that caught my eye and I just started is called Seashine.

Now that you are one of us (a jelly) You might find it interesting also since you start off as a jellyfish trying to survive in the ocean depths.

Beautiful immersive artwork adds to the atmosphere.

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@Buttonstc I didn’t know that, thank you for letting me know.
Haha thanks again

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I’m not much in the habit of checking into the Appstore to see what’s new but after finding a really neat App featuring a well curated list of recent free apps available for a brief time, I’ve been going there more often to pick up some freebies which catch my eye.

The App, BTW is called “Apps Gone Free” and the main reason I like it is because it isn’t a great big long list of free apps to plow through; it’s just a handful which have been carefully selected to weed out so much of the junk that normally clutters up apps like this.

You might enjoy it as well.

Another decent one in this genre also is called “App Sliced” which features time-limited reduced price apps as well as Free.

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