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How do I overcome writer's block!

Asked by Myuzikalsoul (590points) June 1st, 2009

I have written my whole life. Stories, journals, blogs, poetry..etc.. About 6 years ago there were a couple of major changes in my life…and I stopped writing. I felt as though I was too jumbled up to write… like it was all too depressing. And I haven’t been able to write anything of value since. I used to be very talented with words, what has happened to me?!?!?! How can I overcome this block?

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Writer’s block is a mysterious ailment that does plague some of us. My solution has usually been to keep a writer’s journal going alongside whatever project I was working on. I’d talk myself through story lines there, make notes on things I wanted to look up, develop ideas, etc., and, when none of it was working, journal about how it wasn’t working. When I really got into bitching and moaning about the problems I was having with my writing and just went on and on about that (sparing my friends and loved ones my piteous monologues), I usually found that just the act of writing about it would lead me to a new place.

You might find some helpful ideas in this question.

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Relax and let the words come to you. Just try to remember how it was like before the events happened. Remember what motivated you the most to write.

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You could try reading a dictionary. Start with the word “block”.

Seriously, where in normal posting, a misspelled word is not really a big deal, with someone who wants to be a writer it is important to develop the skill and the discipline. The usual way to approach being blocked is to keep writing, it doesn’t really matter what, just keep working. Pick another subject, take some of your old work and edit it – just keep working and the creativity comes back.

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I don’t know whether anyone else is experiencing a huge slow-down with Fluther, but for the past two days I am getting a constant series of “time out” errors. The second post from me is was happens after Fluther spends ten minutes trying to update an edit.

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@DarkScribe I’m just now starting to get it.

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@DarkScribe, I haven’t been having the problem.

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Try doing something you’ve never done before. The wilder the better. Bring paper and pen with you just in case.

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[mod says] Edited question.

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Just relax. There’s no way to overcome it, you just have to let it be.

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I have been Fluther “Moderated”. It makes it seem as though I have posted something offensive, not just had a duplicated post removed. I am not sure whether to be pleased or offended. ;)

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Refer to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.

I am beginning to think there are only 7–10 other users on Fluther…

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@bonus Yes, there is a distinctly familiar trend in responses. Maybe there is only one of us and we have a lot of socks?

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Sit down, relax, get comfortable. Think back to when you were in your writing prime. Picture yourself in that experience, in first person, not third. Remember how you felt, how relaxed or tensed your muscles were. How you’re surroundings made you feel.

Then think of the ‘criteria’ you had when you were writing. Was it for leasiure? Was it for money? Did you have someone you wanted to express your feelings with through words?

Apply the same feelings, and criteria to your own body now and start writing.

If that doesn’t work, smash your head on the table a few times.

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The cure for writer’s block is writer’s cramp.

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Writer’s block doesn’t exist. Yes, I just said it. Creative blocks don’t exist. They are placed there by your mind, even if you don’t know it. The best solution is to go on to something else and redirect that creative energy, eventually the block will dissolve and you can migrate back to your work. Or you can try to plow through the block using all your force and strength, just sit down and write even if it’s painful.

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@dynamicduo is onto something here.

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Quit paying your internal editor . . .

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I usually drink my way through it. You can always go back sober and spruce it up.

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Smoke one. You will most likely relax about the issue, and get right back on task. Just a suggestion.

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I go for walks. At night, usually, preferably somewhere where there’s a lot of open space.

Going through woods is not advisable.

Also, generally, I’m technically trespassing, but it’s really not a big deal.

Most parks have signs posted that say “closed at sunset.” If you can park somewhere nearby, feel free to completely ignore those signs.

This is all serious advice, although when I mean “writers block” i mean “i don’t know how to start/i feel really mixed up”, not “I haven’t written in 6 years”, so I don’t know how helpful this is.

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Forget about whatever it is your attempting to write. Start with a sentence, any sentence. Pull it out of the air, or write down the next seven words you hear on the radio or TV. Once you have your sentence, develop it, one word at a time. Don’t worry about where the narrative is going, character development or any of those things. Just write. And enjoy it. Remind yourself just how much you enjoy writing. Relax, ease your way into it. Loosen up those creative muscles.

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