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For those who have a university or college degree, do you have your diploma hanging on the wall, or is it in storage somewhere?

Asked by Jude (32198points) June 2nd, 2009

I’ve never put mine up..

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Mine is in a box somewhere. I left it when I moved with most of my other stuff six months ago. Some stuff was moved to to my sisters ex-husbands house. Some was moved into my mothers storage unit. I don’t know where it is (diploma). And I really don’t care.

I only moved with my electronics, personal hygiene stuff, and clothes. Six months later and I don’t miss any of my other crap.

edit :: Seriously.. Last time I moved I didn’t have a bed, pillows, sheets, blanket, desk, or chair. I got here on the 29th of December. (2008)

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I have several and lost them years ago. I have had no reason to replace them, although it is a simple process to do so.

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They are on a box somewhere. If I have to prove I have them, I have to get transcripts from the university anyway. They serve no real purpose except to put an everlovin smile on your mama’s face.

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Mine is framed – hanging in my basement, by the oil burner.

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They arrived in a brown envelope cause I didn’t want to walk at graduation cause it was in the morning and I was sure to be hungover, I looked at them, said “cool,” put them back in the envelope and haven’t lookeed at them since.

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Mine are in an envelope somewhere, which is a shame because I have some very nice frames for them. I think, however, that as a graduate student I will hang them in my room. So that people don’t have to ask the inevitable, “Where did you go to undergrad?”

They will anyway, but I’ll point them to the wall.

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I lost mine one of the times I moved after college. It was in a box with some textbooks I wanted to keep. At some point the whole box disappeared. It’s been several years and I haven’t yet felt the need to have it replaced, so I doubt I ever will.

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Hmmm, probably around here somewhere…

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Mine is pinned to the corkboard in my office. Unfortunately, it is required to give you some credibility when you work in academic circles. Otherwise, mine would be gathering dust too.

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It’s in the same red plastic folder it was in when I got it. In some box. Somewhere. I’ve moved 4 times since college graduation, and I couldn’t possibly tell you which box it’s in.

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Framed. Hanging on a wall in my bedroom. I worked damn hard for that thing (and the one I am working on now). They’re not going to sit in a box.

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It’s in a lockbox with my other papers, as is my high school diploma. My high school diploma actually looks nicer.

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Box. I come across them every time I move. I look at them for a minute, remember my student loans, and then wonder why I ever bothered to get a college education anyway.

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I think mine is in a box under a bed at my mom’s house.

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I hung mine in my home office. Mainly because the walls were bare and I didn’t have any good pictures, nor did I want to buy any.

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Mine is in a box somewhere but when I first got it that sucker went up on a wall in a nice frame!

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Mine’s in its puffy red folder, sitting with the books on my desk. Course I got it only about 2 weeks ago, so not enough time to loose it yet. :) I can’t imagine I’ll ever hang it on a wall though. Probably it’ll stay with all my books on a bookshelf for quite some time.

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I think it’s in a file drawer somewhere. Once, I came across it while looking for something else, but my memory could be playing tricks on me.

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Both my undergrad and grad diplomas are framed and hang on the wall in our bedroom

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I have both my undergrad and grad diplomas in a drawer somewhere. As I get older, they actually become more important to me. The work I spent to get both of them has helped make me who I am. I’m not sure I quite understood that when I was recently out of college. Besides, I see how much more expensive and difficult it is for kids to get those degrees now, and how much debt they amass to do it—which makes me appreciate my own education more.

Maybe one of these days I will resurrect them and put them on the wall.

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My undergrad is framed… but sitting in a bag on a shelf currently… the master’s is sitting in the tube it shipped in. I plan on hanging them… but haven’t got around to it. (Kinda want to wait till I have an actual office)

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I just got mine 2 weeks ago, it’s currently still sitting on my dresser until I figure out what to do with it. Related question: what does one do with a cap and gown? When are you EVER going to need that again?!

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All of our awards and diplomas are framed, under glass, and hanging on our office wall or the wall at Hubby’s work, including his 25 year certificate, and the others he has received.

I once had my volunteer awards and commendations hanging in the kitchen, but when I had it remodled, I put them on the office wall.

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Ungrad and Grad are framed and covered in towels, in the attic. I’d rather have my priceless artwork on the wall. The framed works of my children. They do some pretty darn good work!

Nah…I got over having them on the wall by the time I was 26.

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I know where mine are and had planned to put them up at some point in my life. But I do not think that now is the time. Sigh. So they sit and wait….

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guess I got a year to go, :)
But to be honest I don’t know why so many people don’t put theirs up
I guess I had a different experience with my education
It was worth something to me
I spent 6 years at NYU taking every opportunity I could – though I was pre-med with a bio major, it was important for me to take minors far different from the sciences – anthropology and Russian Literature and I was a course away from a philosophy minor…but this education wasn’t only about the courses, it was about where it led me throughout my educational career…I didn’t dorm and I commuted for over an hour each way but I stayed till late every night because I was doing peer education work, running clubs, taking tae kwon do classes, what have you…and because of NYU, I traveled abroad to study in London for a semester and traveled all over and because of NYU, I traveled to South Africa to study at the University of Cape Town and I worked the soup kitches, the hospitals, the protests…it was the start to my enlightenment, in a way…I met my best friend because of college and he is family to me now…I did research, changed gender policies, saw our school go through the suicides, the sit-ins, the graduate student strike…I was so inspired for so many years and now I put my diplomas up because I graduated from the only school I ever applied to, not once but twice and when I stood there at Yankees Stadium this past year, I had my oldest son with me and I did not yet know I was pregnant with my second and I smiled at my best friend and at my partner and knew that the person who received that acceptance letter in 2002 was an incredibly capable adult now and so they hang there on my wall to remind me that though I spend a lot of time on being a mom and working and being in love, I have something of my own, my hard work and my memories and it encourages me to keep working towards a time when I can go back to school and get my PhD…

so I guess what I wanted to say is that I was one of the lucky ones, I loved my time in school, I miss my time in school, I changed my life around because of it, I believe it gave me a foundation in social justice activism and that will be more than valuable to me from this point on…and also, thank you for inspiring me to write this

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – I don’t think there is anything wrong with seeing them up, on a wall.

I have some bad memories, very tramautic memories attached to college – not so much grad school, but it’s something that brings up some disturbing things. Otherwise, I might still have them up.

What wonderful experiences you have enjoyed. :)

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Mine is in a file/folder.

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I had mine on the wall for a few years in a beautiful frame which included a picture of OSU campus. While moving last year, an employee of our landlord came into our aparment (illegally) and disposed of many of my belongings, even though i was in legit financial standing with the rental company and it was before my date of move out. It was insanely aggravating and my diploma was one of the things i ended up losing.

I had come to peace about the situation and basically said goodbye it. Afterall, It was merely a piece of paper. No one can take the knowledge and experience i’ve gained, or the way my college experience shaped me as a person away from me.

One day a package was delivered to my house. My mother had requested another copy of my diploma from Ohio State, and paid to have it reframed with the same setup as I’d had before. I would’ve never replaced it myself, but it touched my heart my mother had gone to the trouble to do that. I now have it on the wall again and it makes me smile when i see it, for a few reasons :)

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It’s in a box.

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