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What Kanye West song are these lyrics from?

Asked by Triiiple (1356points) June 2nd, 2009

Im not sure of the song name or the exact lyrics but its been killing me and ive been googling all morning trying to find the song name.

I heard it in NYC on the radio plenty of times and Kanye West is in the song with a woman singer. He says something along the lines of “Your girl is a dime, i want to take her not wife her”? Not to sure about exact lyrics but someone has to know it.

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Are you sure it’s not that R.Kelly song, Hook it Up? There are many lyric search engines on line; just find one you like and enter the key words.

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The only two songs I could think of is Estelle – “American Boy” or “I’m the shit”.

“I’m the shit” doesnt have a female singer but the is a line that goes “is that your girlfriend? I really like her… I’m talkin only for a night, I wouldn’t wife her”.

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its “Im The Shit”

thanks, must have mixed up that song and the Keri Hilson song lol.

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Im quite fond of Lets Sing It ;)

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