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Is there a site in the web ( that you might know of ) where it is possible to search for other sites by keywords?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 2nd, 2009

I need to find sites that have various functions, which don’t just appear in everyday surfing.
It hapens every once in a while that I get an idea on sites, i.e. once I was looking for a site where questions and answers flowed.. in the end I found fluther, by pure chance…

Is there a website which acts as a sort of search engine for other sites?
Please don’t give obvious and not fully satisfying things such as ‘google’

EXCLUDING: stumbleupon.

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A google search for something like this

Could help a bit. It will show similar sites.

Edited to add a link. here.

bonus's avatar It’s usually just stuff that other users submitted as useful to them.

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@bonus @johnpowell Thank you for your help guys, I’ll try these meanwhile..Have you guys gotan account on stumbleupon as well? I find that fluther and stumbleupon are amongst the most useful I use frequently. on there I’m a-very-Red-Sky ..add me on..let’s share knowledge ther to..

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Still not sure what the difference is with regular search engines. Anyway, similar to SO are Digg and Reddit.

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