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How to thank someone who gives you "thank you" cards as a gift?

Asked by sferik (6101points) December 26th, 2007

I received some very nice “thank you” cards as a holiday gift. My dilemma is how to thank the person who gave me the cards. Can I send one of the cards back to her with a self-referential comment (à la “give and you shall receive”)? Or does etiquette dictate that I buy a separate “thank you” card to thank her for the “thank you” cards?

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I think it would be cool to send them one of the cards you received with a special comment

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Well to send them a different card may indicate that you did not like the cards, because you are not using them. If you are on a personal level with them (family, friends) sending them the card should also be fine. My family or friends would think it was funny. Especially if you write a funny lil note in there about how your using them.

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Will you then expect the person who thanked you w. a card and to whom you sent a “thank-you” card back, to then thank you for your “thank-you” card to her? Well, you see what I am getting at, don’t you? IOW, who stops?

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I’m pretty sure that etiquette does not require thanking someone for a “thank you” card.

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Sorry, I’m confused. Were the original cards you received Gift Cards? Or what do you mean by*receiving thank-you cards as a gift”?

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I received a box of maybe 10 cards and envelopes. The cards said “thank you” on the outside and were blank on the inside.

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Ach du lieber. Stationery. Thank you for the clear reply.

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In similar situations, I have always written the gift giver a thank you note on the cards/stationary. I think they’ll be appreciative.

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I make greeting cards and at times send a dozen or so as gifts. The thank you cards have enough space inside to write a personal note. I think it would really be neat if one of the “thank you” cards was sent back to me. It would make me think they really liked and appreciated them.

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Send a DIFFERENT card. Your note can include “They’re so beautiful I’ll use them for special occasions”.

(Did you know that etiquette dictates (if one worries about that sort of thing) that if someone brings cake to your house, you put THAT cake away and serve the dessert YOU planned?)

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@Mr_M wouldn’t that imply that you didn’t consider their gift of the “thank you” notes to be special?

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No. It shows you thought SO MUCH of the gift, you took the time and money to buy a “Thank You” card instead of taking the easy way out. I wouldn’t think badly if I gave cards.

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I can’t help wondering if there is a history to the incident. For instance, if the giver were in the habit of sending you holiday gifts and then wondering later whether you happened to be out of thank-you cards, she might have been trying to tell you something by sending some.

A thank-you does not require a specially made card, but every gift does require acknowledgment of some sort. If someone gave me thank-you cards, the first thing I would do is ask myself whether I had ever failed to thank that person for a gift. I would then use one of the cards she sent and write her an immediate thank-you. If I were utterly certain that I had never been remiss in thanking her for past gifts, I would keep my note cordial but rather formal and not too warm in the hope that she would not send me any more gifts.

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I think that etiquette would say that you don’t give “thank-you cards” as a gift. Was this some sort of hint? That sounds like something a mother in law would do. I would be offended by the gift, but would use the gift to thank for the gift.

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call them and tell then you got there thank-you card and that you appreciate it…

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Don’t waste any more paper!

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