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What would you get Trump for Christmas?

Asked by ucme (49637points) November 18th, 2016

Assuming parcel bombs are left unmonitored.

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A steaming pile of my sick-person shit.

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A one-way ticket to Mexico to live…then quickly build a wall.

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He needs to sort that hideous hair out, attempt to look more presidential, so I gift him some hair clippers.

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Black leather trench coats for him and his staff.

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A copy of his running mate’s recently outed sex tape…Pounds & Pence
A real money spinner that one.

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He’s already got Xmas present..big one.!!

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A puppy! They can be such a headache for the first 4 years!

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A silk tie from Neiman Marcus.

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A singing card…Hey Mister Tangerine Man, build a wall for me…

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A book to instruct him on self-loathing. Why should he be left out?

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A vial or Arsenic in a nice pot of tea.

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A makeover.

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Some book about applying makeup or something similar.

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A one-way ticket on the next space probe to Mars where he could rule the entire planet like Ming ruled Mongo.

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A magic charm to turn him into a humane human being whose greatest wish is the health and happiness of all human creatures on Earth, and to realize that his alliance with backward corporate pawns is a mistake he can reverse.

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Mr Universe t-shirt.

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A first class tailor.

I mean, WTAF??

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Aster almost had it right—a silk necktie from Nieman Marcus? Wrong. A hemp necktie from US Cordage.

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A large orange dust sheet to drape over the Statue of Liberty for the next four years.

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Special therapy sessions and call them, ‘Clockwork Orange Face’

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A dunce cap and a pie in the face.

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Well done to you brave souls who answered, for sucking up the hate & or venting, give yourselves a pat on the back.

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A retrospective abortion law.

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^^^ retroactive?

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a boot to the head.

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