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How can i come up with money fast ?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) June 2nd, 2009

I need to make at least 500$ within the next two weeks fast.

I need to know a way to do this in a reasonable way. Any ideas ?

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I don’t know, but, when you find out, let me in on it.

(nothing beats a hard day’s work for a hard day’s pay!)

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Not really. Sell yourself as much as you can without selling yourself sexually. Walk dogs, mow lawns, etc. Look at your local Craigslist and see if there are opportunities. See if people need models for photography, you only need to make $50 a day for 10 days, this is reasonable but you will need to work hard to make this, otherwise everyone would be doing nothing and getting paid for it!!

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@dynamicduo I agree, $50/day for 10 days is very reasonable.

It will involve work. If you cut 5 lawns a day for $10 each (very cheap and could probably get more), you would have it. I would graciously pay $20 for someone to cut my lawn just to help me keep up with other things. I just don’t want to go find them, I want them to come to my front door.

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Sell things that you own that you don’t use, or that friends have admired, and may be willing to buy from you.

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I don’t know where you live. But if there is a farm close by the farmer really needs help right now. It’s planting season and even if you can’t do heavy work he needs office help. Just visit and ask. He paying migrants now because he can’t find local help.

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Get 8 embryos implanted?

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Collect your change. Change is often overlooked. It’s not likely to be $500, but it’s a start. Especially if you have some quarters in there…

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Throw a garage sale. Sell blood at your local blood bank. Borrow money from a pawn shop (if you can pay it back quickly) Borrow money from friends (if they will let you pay them back in time)

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Old fashioned windscreen wash! or Lemonade Stand? A second job that pays cash in hand is also helpful…

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Do you play any instruments?

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Come clean my house for two weeks. Do you cut grass? :-)

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companies are still hiring sales people. one of the easiest jobs to get is commission-only sales. for high margin products like media advertising, i’ve seen rates as high as 50%. text marketing is hot right now.

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@spresto: It’s illegal. And we do not advocate doing illegal things here. It’s also dangerous—both in the short term and the long term, physically, psychologically, and medically.

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Though I do not approve of the selling your body for money thing. I hope it was just “humor”. But, it is not illegal everywhere. Just most places.

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This won’t get you the full $500, but you can donate plasma for $88/week. It’s easy and only takes about a hour. That’s how I survived through college.

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That is a good one. But the extraction point does get “tired” after a while. By the time you hit the $500 mark people will think you are a junkie. :-) But probably the fasted way to put a few bucks in your pocket.
No family members you can hit up?

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Every community has an older population who need odd jobs of every kind; cleaning, gardening, marketing, windows, driving to appointments. I could give you $500 worth of work if you lived in my “hood and weren’t afraid of ticks. (And could use a chain saw…and had a pick-up truck and weren’t afraid of heights and were a kind and nice person).

14 divided into 500 comes to about $35 dollars a day. Good handymen around here get that an hour. Stain a deck, prune tree limbs, paint the interior of a garage…the list is endless.

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Take out a loan.

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@EmpressPixie Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. I am a changed man.

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I used to model, photographic nude/glamor modeling – nothing sleazy, just posing. I would always take a girlfriend for security. I was getting $350 for a half day, that was back around 2001–3. I moved on to catalog modeling after a year or so, through an agency. I got more money and kept my clothes on.

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How about porn? Its not illegal at all.

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Selling the body, Porn? Comon people. Asking for too much help from the wrong head.

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Well they dont advocate anything that would make fast money. You are all useless for her to make money. If you really want to help send her the money. Be helpful in a real way. The troll has spoken.

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Sending her money would be the fastest.

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Go stand on the street corner….. j/k :)

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here are links to how to beg for money on line, and how to borrow money from strangers:

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baby-sitting,mow lawns,walking dogs,get a job?,garage sale,Ebay,wash cars,look for jobs on,web designing,write articals,write site reviews,baking,help old people,sell candy&treats,sell custom made t-shirts,start your own website,and this sounds stupid but, you could even do a lemonade stand if ur that deperate. :)

Hope it kinnda helps. :)

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