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Can a 17 year old high school graduate work a full time night shift job?

Asked by Loso (4points) June 2nd, 2009

hey guys,
im a 17 year old high school graduate (via a G.E.D.) ... i was able to get my G.E.D. earlier than most other kids my age because i was on probation at the time which allows kids younger than 18 to take the G.E.D. exams , but anyways i have alot of free time and i wanna get a full time night shift job @ a local giant food market store doing some like stocking merchandise on the shelves… is this possible? if not could i do part time ? i am about to turn 18 later this year as well (something to note)

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I’ve heard that in most places you have to be at least 18 or 21 years old and have experience to work full time night shift. This is just what I heard.

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This depends on what state you live in. You can find an immediate answer by calling up the store and asking what age they hire at.

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You’ll never know until you apply. All they can say is no. Go for it.
The best way to get the best jobs is to not be afraid of rejection. Think of it as a numbers game. The more doors you knock on the better your odds. Don’t take rejection personally, just get out there and keep knocking.

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Definitely depends on your state’s minor laws.
You can work full time, but some places don’t like having minors out late, and if there are restrictions on how late you can drive (like, in PA when I worked at 16, I had to be home by 11pm because of driving laws. I had an excuse, but my work preferred me to be home safely before then)

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If you’re a graduate, I think you can. :)

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It also depends on the company you want to work for. The last one I worked for wouldn’t hire anyone under 18.

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I believe absolutely! Yes. Why not?

When I was in high school (decades ago, in the 80s), you needed a worker’s permit if you were 15 to work. The laws may have changed but I doubt it is too much drastically different from that now. It may be different outside of California.

You won’t know until you ask around. Don’t waste your time with anyone other than a manager, by the way. They are the best informed and will probably be interviewing you.

If not, try cobbling together 2 or 3 part-time jobs. No reason why you can’t do that, is there? If you need the permit where you work, it is highly unlikely that they are going to cross-check and make sure you are not working more than 40 hours a week or whatever. This may be illegal but it is also bullshit. You are going to be 18 before any of this matters and who are they to tell you you can’t work if you really want to work and need the money?

Good luck. Try to get some skills. They will become very lucrative later in life.

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yes… you can cuz im only 17 years old but i graduated thru homeschooling and i work a full time job at ihop here in kansas i work sometimes i even work from night till morning

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