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What is average running pace?

Asked by killertofu (115points) June 2nd, 2009

I recently purchased Nike+ and my first results are puzzling. I got 17’02” and 9’22”/mi. I have no idea what any of this means. Can someone explain this out?

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hmmmm, i don’t know. i consider myself a fast jogger and a slow runner. my pace fluctuates from sprint to jog, but keeping that fast-paced run like say 10 mph (is that fast?) takes conditioning.

somebody tell me more about those shoes; think i’d like to try those.

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Are you asking what you results mean? The ’ is a symbol for minute and the ” is a symbol for second. So that is your time per mile, I’d assume. I don’t know what average running pace is, it varies between people. I think mine would be something like 30 minute miles. Guh. I can’t run.

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I’m currently training for a half marathon in Walt Disney World. It’s 13.1 miles, and has a requirement of a 16 minute per mile pace (for a total time of 3½ hours).

When I train, my average jogging pace is about 8:30 per mile (you can press the center button while you’re working out and it will give you your current time, distance, and pace). However, I only jog in spurts. The rest is a brisk walk, which is anywhere from 15:00 per mile to 18:00 per mile, depending on how tired I am.

at 9:22 per mile, I’d say you’re jogging or running at a pretty good pace. You’d finish the half marathon in just over 2 hours at that pace. In other words, leaving me in the dust. :-)

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Sometimes I run 7:25 miles.

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After six months of running regularly, I can run a 10 minute mile easily. I would guess the fastest I could do would be about 8:30 but I think I’d feel like shit afterward so I never run that fast.

I have no idea if that answered your question. One data point to compare to, I guess.

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Is there really an average running pace? I mean after training for 6 months (?) you should have some idea about how good you feel after running.

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