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What's the best place to back up my pictures online?

Asked by nickbaum (49points) June 2nd, 2009

I’d like to backup all my pictures to the cloud, in a way that makes them easy to re-download in bulk later on.

* Easily upload pictures to a private location
* Easily re-download all pictures to my drive

I have Flickr Pro, so I’m debating using that, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to re-download the shots.

Any other suggestions?



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picasa from google or the iDisc from Apple…

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I would just get a cheap hosting account somewhere and just use a FTP client to add and remove stuff. It is by far the easiest way once you figure it out. And it isn’t hard to figure out.

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DropBox – it’s simple just drag all your pictures to a drop box folder. Afterwords you can download them the entire folder through their website

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Ah, sounds like this really comes down to storage in the cloud, which is never an easy question to answer.

Thanks for all the responses!


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i think photobucket is a pain in the ass. maybe it’s just for me, but they delete my pictures and put that annoying little “TOS” image up instead for pictures i upload that are appropriate. my album is private, so i know some random douchebag isn’t just flagging them for no reason and getting them deleted.
i’m trying imageshack now, because now photobucket is really pissing me off. i’ve been trying to upload pictures for like 2 days, and it finishes uploading, and then says “error” without telling me what the error is. ugh.

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Webshots is nice

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