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Firefox users, all day I'm getting the message "Firefox is already running but not responding" when I close it and restart. Are you?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 2nd, 2009

This just started happening today. When I close Firefox and open it later, I get the message mentioned, with instructions to stop the process or reboot the system. I have to go into Task Manager and stop the process. Apparently, others have had the problem because if you Google the error message, you’ll see suggestions as to how to solve it. Is it happening to you?

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sometimes. it seems firefox is a bit slow when it comes to closing. just wait a few seconds longer

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The delay isn’t seconds. It’s until I delete the process in Task Manager.

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No problems here. Did you try rebooting?

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I reinstalled, AND rebooted to no avail. WTF?

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I changed my desktop from a photo to a video at around the same time I had problems. I changed it back to a photo and all is fine. Doesn’t seem like people know about this bug.

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