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What do you think of the Nissan Cube?

Asked by DeanV (14203points) June 3rd, 2009

Just a question out of pure curiosity. I think it’s pretty unique, but also kinda ugly. I wouldn’t really mind driving one, though.

Links here and here.

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Well, .... it’s cheap.

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It seems that aerodynamics are no longer a concern in car manufacturing.

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I saw one for the first time the other day parked at walmart and had to take a picture of it because it looked so unique!

I really liked all the soft lines, the one I saw was white.

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It looks like a car driven straight off a comic book page. It is unique.

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that car’s front looks like the face of brian peppers this guy.

Yes it looks too boxy, but i have seen uglier cars.
Also aerodynamics becomes an issue at higher speeds, and since it seems to be designed as a town car, it becomes rather secondary.

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Not the uglist car I’ve seen, but not sure I want to be seen in it. But then, the ugliest car I’ve ever seen is a tie between this one and that one.

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It’s a wannabe honda element. Nissan released it in Japan awhile ago, now it’s here. I like it tho, when I saw it in Japan it inspired me to buy my element.

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I wish somebody would give me one.

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The cube is really cool, although it would be nice to have the one with the tree row seats and a bit more power.

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It’s a funny looking, almost cartoonish car, but it might be popular with my dog-owning friends because a dog crate fits nicely into the back of square cars like the Cube, the Scion, and to a degree the Kia Soul.

The Cube looks a lot like an old-fashioned delivery truck to me.

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Just like any other box they try to sell as a car. It is ugly, not aerodynamic which will cost fuel efficiency, would have terrible handling, and being as cheap as it is many creature comforts are probably absent.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I can beat that, take a look at this one.

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I think the orochi looks beautiful

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@FireMadeFlesh Did you read the reviews? Sure, it’s ugly, but it does get pretty good gas milage, has a passing interior, and does a city car really need to have great handling?

But whatever. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
And I happen to think that car you linked actually looks quite nice…

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@dverhey – I also think that linked car looks nice, but my knees hurt at the thought of getting in and out of it. And where would my dogs sit?

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@Darwin ~ ha ha
That’s how I would love to drive around in a Mini Cooper, but I would need a large gaping hole for the weimaraner’s head, and it would wind up looking like Dino riding around in the Flintstones.

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@mcbealer – Isn’t that why someone invented the sun roof? Reminds me of taking our American Bulldog for a ride in my daughter’s New Beetle, which does have a sun roof.

She enjoyed the sun roof very much.

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Oh yeah, exactly. Nice, but definitely not practical. Great for somebody with disposable income… And no pets or kids. Or friends.

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Why does everyone think that this car is not practical? Did you not read that it’s been sold in Japan for years? Do you really think that Nissan would sell a car that is impractical, especially during a time when people are not buying cars? Why couldn’t someone have kids or own pets and still have this car? It’s got four doors, a hatchback, and seats up to five people. And as far as it being cheap and handling poorly…have you ever drove a nissan? They are built well and handle very well. When I think of a cheap car, I think of a chevy cavalier or a ford focus, not the nissan cube. Just because it’s not a standard luxury sedan that comes in boring colors and has no character doesn’t make it a
bad car. It’s probably really cool.

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@nayeight: We’re not talking about the cube right now, I think. Or at least my last comment was more addressed at @FireMadeFlesh‘s link to this car, not the cube.

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Oh, thank you for clearing that up! I guess I wasn’t reading everyones post correctly. I was like, what are these people talking about?

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@ragingloli and @dverhey You are free to like the Mitsuoka, but I think it is extremely ugly. Each to their own though.

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if you’re thinking about buying it, PLEASE DON’T GET IT!! First of all, it is SUPER UGLY!!! If you are looking for a the cube shape, get a Scion xB (The 2009 xB looks great!)

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I’m not thinking about buying it. I can’t even drive.

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I think the market this car is intended for are 18–25 year old college students. As far as looks go, it’s cute I guess. I couldn’t possibly own one myself because it just doesn’t seem like an enjoyable drive.

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as FUGLEY as a 400 lb ninety-seven year old prostitute that has spent too much time in the sun. hows that for a mental picture?

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It look like a milk truck !!

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